Monday, November 15, 2010

Disney Princesses on ice

Friday Leanna and I took the day off to take Rilyn and Laci to see Disney Princesses on ice. I had a promo code for 50% off tickets and I knew since the show was Friday morning it wouldn't be too crazy at reliant. It was great! Rilyn LOVED it and I enjoyed to too. On the way home the girls wanted to eat Mexican food so I suggested we stop at Ponchos in Humble. I hadn't been there in YEARS and I knew that on your birthday you get a free pinata. SO, Friday was the girls 'pretend' birthdays! LOL They were excited, on the way to the restaurant I'd quiz them and ask..."Who's birthday is today?..."Ours!!" they'd scream. I thought I was pretty slick since next month is Raigen's birthday. I thought Id get me a pinata for free. Nope. The phrase 'cheaters never win' is true I guess, because they were out of pinatas. :(

They did however still get their meal for free. So it wasn't a total loss. :) LOL