Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas wreaths and new couch pillows!

I've had the same throw pillows on my couch for 5 years. And they looked like it too. So this weekend I decided to make new ones. :) I looked all over for tan zebra fabric. Couldn't find any. I did however see tan zebra place mates. :) I bought 2 place mates, cut the corner open and stuffed them! And they are so cute! A very easy, cheap pillow idea! With my other pillows, they were solid red, soI cut them in half and used the red material for the back of my new paisley and striped pillows. It saved me $ on buying more fabric and I also reused the stuffing. :)

The 1st wreath I made is rustic. I made it out of an old rusted roll of barbed wire. I added some greenery, pine cones, ribbon, a bow from Christmas last year , and 2 rustic ornaments that cost $1 each.
Total spent: $2. :)

This wreath was also very cheap. I used a Styrofoam wreath from the 99 cent store and covered it with 120 mini candy canes. I had to unwrap each candy cane, which was time consuming. However, thankfully I had my side kick Rilyn to help. And luckily I was able to hot glue them on faster than she could eat them! After I glued all 120 I wrapped the wreath in green ribbon, glued on a big red sparkly bow, and hung an "L" ornament on the bottom. So cute, and cheap! Only cost me $7.00!
It looks adorable hanging in my kitchen window!