Monday, November 1, 2010

Bunkos Group #2-Halloween Edition!

Yes, I play bunkos 2x a month. It is the funnest game ever and I love it! :) Anyway, the last Thursday of every month I play bunkos with this crazy, crazy group. We all dressed up for our costume contest. Everyone had awesome costumes, and it was probably the craziest bunkos we've I lost the costume contest to a head of lettuce AND we ALL got to see a 50-somethin' year old woman's boobs and a 20-somethin' year old's butt. And can you believe there was no alcohol involved??
Sarah, as I love Lucy....
Lisa was a vampire

Lucy and the Hippie

Tina- was Jelly Beans

Kathy- the cat, or shall I say

Jan, the head of lettuce.

Robin, all you can eat for under a buck. Only

The bunko dice! She even had dice ear rings. It turned out so cute! Yes, we ARE the bunko bitches!!


Crystal and I

Me, Ashley the bee and Brittany the solider!

The group....