Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brutal honesty.

Its taken me a few days to post this. Actually its taken me a few days to get over this. Here goes....
I was sitting in Josh's recliner watching Sid the Science kid with Rilyn in my lap. Teacher Suzie came on the screen and immediately Rilyn announced "She is skinny." Quickly following she asked "Can I say skinny mom?" As if she were worried it was a bad word.
See, I've been TRYING to teach her not to talk about peoples weight. With no help from LUBBY, might I add! Who is constantly insisting to Rilyn that Lubby is fat. I explain to her that Lubby is not fat and that she should not say that. Rilyn then explaines to me that Lubby is fat because Lubby told her that.
Anyway, so when she asked me if she could say skinny I emphasized that it probably was not a good idea, so we better not use that word. Then stupidly, I questioned her.
"Is Mommy skinny?''...
Rilyn looked at me with a big grin as if I had just told a joke and she giggled, "No mom, you are like my Lubby!" Of course I immediately asked, "Mommy isn't skinny like teacher Suzie?.." It was obvious that she could sense the hurt in my voice because she assured me with..."Don't worry Mommy.... my Daddy isn't skinny either!"
So, word to the wise, avoid 3 year olds unless you don’t mind their brutal honesty. Don’t let those sweet smiles and their snugly hugs and sticky kisses fool you because they’re a bundle of truth, just ask and see!