Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bean Dip

Yesterday before going to the print shop to visit Josh, Rilyn and I ventured into Family Dollar. She was full of energy. I questioned her about what she ate today and she responded with "All kinds of stuff!" She wanted everything she saw, which was normal. She skipped through the store grabbing and knocking down things. I almost questioned if I even had the right kid. I ordered her to get over here, stop acting like a wild animal and help me pick up the bracelets she had knocked down. She did. I bent over to help pick them up and that's when she did it. I felt a poke to my butt and she yelled "Bean DIP!!!...HAHAH....I just bean dipped you mom!!"
And yes, we had an audience.
I dont know where she learned this 'bean dip' thing from, but I'd like to know.
So I can kill them.