Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas wreaths and new couch pillows!

I've had the same throw pillows on my couch for 5 years. And they looked like it too. So this weekend I decided to make new ones. :) I looked all over for tan zebra fabric. Couldn't find any. I did however see tan zebra place mates. :) I bought 2 place mates, cut the corner open and stuffed them! And they are so cute! A very easy, cheap pillow idea! With my other pillows, they were solid red, soI cut them in half and used the red material for the back of my new paisley and striped pillows. It saved me $ on buying more fabric and I also reused the stuffing. :)

The 1st wreath I made is rustic. I made it out of an old rusted roll of barbed wire. I added some greenery, pine cones, ribbon, a bow from Christmas last year , and 2 rustic ornaments that cost $1 each.
Total spent: $2. :)

This wreath was also very cheap. I used a Styrofoam wreath from the 99 cent store and covered it with 120 mini candy canes. I had to unwrap each candy cane, which was time consuming. However, thankfully I had my side kick Rilyn to help. And luckily I was able to hot glue them on faster than she could eat them! After I glued all 120 I wrapped the wreath in green ribbon, glued on a big red sparkly bow, and hung an "L" ornament on the bottom. So cute, and cheap! Only cost me $7.00!
It looks adorable hanging in my kitchen window!


This year is the 1st year we have been able to threaten Rilyn with Santa. It has been wonderful. :) I reminder her when shes is not behaving that Santa is watching and that she doesn't want to be on the naughty list. I also told her that I have Santa's phone number and that I talk to him every day to tell him how good of a girl Rilyn is being. She then quickly looks up at the ceiling, "Sorry, sorry Santa, don't put me on the naughty list!!" Then I asked her what she wants from Santa. She has been wanting a TV in her room so Santa got her a flat screen. (She doesn't know that though.) So when I asked her what she wanted she said a pink TV, or a red one because she likes red too. I explained to her that Santa doesn't have pink or red TVs and that if he got her one,it would probably be black or gray.
She then informed me that she called Santa too and that he told her he has pink and red TVs!
So, if you know where I can find a pink or red flat screen, it would be appreciated.
I'm not objecting to 'electronic' paint. If there is even such a thing!:)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yesterday we were at Sonic and the car hop, who was really old by the way, brought out our food. When she started to walk away Rilyn asked, "Who was that mom?..."
"Just a lady that works here." I answered.

" Was that the Sonic's grandma?..."

Monday, November 22, 2010

11 Months old.. Sleeping in her high chair & Sink Baths!

Rilyn's 1st mini meet!

My darling with her awards and gold medal.
Group Picture

Rilyn, being a ham as usual, getting her awards.

Posing like a real gymnast :) -


Posing, again :)-

Waiting for awards-

Her class-

Her flip!-

On the bars again-

Saturday was Rilyn's 1st gymnastic competition. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. She was a freakin' ham out there! LOL Which doesn't surprise me though.
Shes so proud of her ribbons and medal and we're so proud of her!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Bean Dip

Yesterday before going to the print shop to visit Josh, Rilyn and I ventured into Family Dollar. She was full of energy. I questioned her about what she ate today and she responded with "All kinds of stuff!" She wanted everything she saw, which was normal. She skipped through the store grabbing and knocking down things. I almost questioned if I even had the right kid. I ordered her to get over here, stop acting like a wild animal and help me pick up the bracelets she had knocked down. She did. I bent over to help pick them up and that's when she did it. I felt a poke to my butt and she yelled "Bean DIP!!!...HAHAH....I just bean dipped you mom!!"
And yes, we had an audience.
I dont know where she learned this 'bean dip' thing from, but I'd like to know.
So I can kill them.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Disney Princesses on ice

Friday Leanna and I took the day off to take Rilyn and Laci to see Disney Princesses on ice. I had a promo code for 50% off tickets and I knew since the show was Friday morning it wouldn't be too crazy at reliant. It was great! Rilyn LOVED it and I enjoyed to too. On the way home the girls wanted to eat Mexican food so I suggested we stop at Ponchos in Humble. I hadn't been there in YEARS and I knew that on your birthday you get a free pinata. SO, Friday was the girls 'pretend' birthdays! LOL They were excited, on the way to the restaurant I'd quiz them and ask..."Who's birthday is today?..."Ours!!" they'd scream. I thought I was pretty slick since next month is Raigen's birthday. I thought Id get me a pinata for free. Nope. The phrase 'cheaters never win' is true I guess, because they were out of pinatas. :(

They did however still get their meal for free. So it wasn't a total loss. :) LOL

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Practical Jokes

First let me say today was an extremely slow day at work. That should explain everything.

I love practical jokes. We have this old guy that just started here, so the perfect one to prank, right?... We work in an insurance office, and we're always getting messages to call people. I left him a message to call Myra Maines back and put the funeral homes number as her return number. Then we all watched as Tony mosied back to his office to call Myra.

Tony: "Hi, is Myra in?.... Is Myra Maines in?... Well, I got a message to call her back for an auto quote.... no, I don't know what department she works in.....Myra Maines... yes, her name is Myra Maines....."

As he walked back up to the front we were all crying and verging on wetting our pants.

Tony: "I don't think this is the right number....."

No he didn't get it, and apparently neither did the lady at Cochran's Funeral home. And really, did he just carry on an 8 minute conversation with the funeral home asking for Myra Maines?...I don't think Ive ever laughed that hard, ever.

Sleep Deprivation

These 2-4 am routine play dates with Raigen are killing me. Every night this week, like clockwork, between the hours of 1am & 2am she wakes up ready to play. Last night I begged and pleaded with her to please go back to sleep but surprising it didn't work. To think, all this time I have been bragging about how great of a baby she is, and shes gonna do this to me, really Raigen?... She usually sleeps 10 hours a freakin' night! I've instructed my mom that Raigen is no longer allowed to take naps. This is my last stitch resort to try to get some sleep, and if this is unsuccessful I don't know what I'll do. I mean, last night I was so drowsy I started to see double, that quickly vanished and I was as wide awake as her though. Just the thought of seeing 2 babies at once was enough for me! "Don't worry Raigen, Mommy is awake!" I gasped.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Brutal honesty.

Its taken me a few days to post this. Actually its taken me a few days to get over this. Here goes....
I was sitting in Josh's recliner watching Sid the Science kid with Rilyn in my lap. Teacher Suzie came on the screen and immediately Rilyn announced "She is skinny." Quickly following she asked "Can I say skinny mom?" As if she were worried it was a bad word.
See, I've been TRYING to teach her not to talk about peoples weight. With no help from LUBBY, might I add! Who is constantly insisting to Rilyn that Lubby is fat. I explain to her that Lubby is not fat and that she should not say that. Rilyn then explaines to me that Lubby is fat because Lubby told her that.
Anyway, so when she asked me if she could say skinny I emphasized that it probably was not a good idea, so we better not use that word. Then stupidly, I questioned her.
"Is Mommy skinny?''...
Rilyn looked at me with a big grin as if I had just told a joke and she giggled, "No mom, you are like my Lubby!" Of course I immediately asked, "Mommy isn't skinny like teacher Suzie?.." It was obvious that she could sense the hurt in my voice because she assured me with..."Don't worry Mommy.... my Daddy isn't skinny either!"
So, word to the wise, avoid 3 year olds unless you don’t mind their brutal honesty. Don’t let those sweet smiles and their snugly hugs and sticky kisses fool you because they’re a bundle of truth, just ask and see!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rilyn's Joke of the day.

Just out of the blue.
Rilyn: "Knock knock Mom.."
Me: "Who's there?..."
Rilyn: "Madam."
Me: "Madam who?.."
Rilyn: Madam foot is stuck in that door over there!...HAHA..."
Me: "Who taught you that?..."
Rilyn: "Mimi."
Me: "Mimi is in trouble!" LOL
Rilyn: "Was it funny?.."
I was just shocked that she could remember the whole joke. I don't think she really gets what it is saying and that's what makes it so cute.

Monday, November 1, 2010

I ♥ Halloween

This Halloween has been my favorite by far. Josh and I were one super fly couple and we had the 2 cutest bumble bees you have ever seen!! Rilyn especially enjoyed every aspect of Halloween this year. From the parties, to pumpkin carving, she loved everything. If she could celebrate Halloween every weekend she probably would. :) We started our Halloween off Saturday with 2 parties. Then Sunday we visited with family, then did a little trick or treating. Rilyn had a ball! She talked and talked to everyone at every house we went to! She even told these old people at this one house.... "I wish I could have some of your decorations, I really love pumpkins.." LMAO...
The most adorable bees!!
Baby Bee

Rilyn & her BFF Laci

Family picture!

Baby bee was mad. She doesn't like the way the grass feels.

Big sister bee!

Raigen & Abby
Someone has already had too much chocolate!

Family Picture dos

I love this picture...

Raigen and Micah

The cutest Dorothy I have ever seen! Emma!

Carving our 1st pumpkin!

Raigen watching all the fun! :)

Josh and Rilyn about to get started.

Yes, we carve pumpkins shirt-less in the Long house. lol

Our Pumpkin!

Bunkos Group #2-Halloween Edition!

Yes, I play bunkos 2x a month. It is the funnest game ever and I love it! :) Anyway, the last Thursday of every month I play bunkos with this crazy, crazy group. We all dressed up for our costume contest. Everyone had awesome costumes, and it was probably the craziest bunkos we've had...lol. I lost the costume contest to a head of lettuce AND we ALL got to see a 50-somethin' year old woman's boobs and a 20-somethin' year old's butt. And can you believe there was no alcohol involved??
Sarah, as I love Lucy....
Lisa was a vampire

Lucy and the Hippie

Tina- was Jelly Beans

Kathy- the cat, or shall I say cougar....lol

Jan, the head of lettuce.

Robin, all you can eat for under a buck. Only Robin.lol

The bunko dice! She even had dice ear rings. It turned out so cute! Yes, we ARE the bunko bitches!!


Crystal and I

Me, Ashley the bee and Brittany the solider!

The group....