Monday, October 4, 2010

Rilyn's 3rd birthday party!

My sweet Rilyn is 3!! She had a BLAST at her birthday party and freaked out when she saw Cinderella walking up! She got really nervous. It was the cutest thing ever. My wonderful cousin Brandy (Rilyn had no idea it was her!!) dressed up as Cinderella for the party. All the girls were excited to see Cinderella! Cinderella put make up on all the girls and sprayed them with her special princess glitter. My sister Chelle has a nail kit. That has a nail dryer and she and her friend painted the girls nails. Cinderella also gave all the girls little purses with lip gloss, glitter nail polish, a necklace, and a ring. And the boys received a knight helmet and sword. I had a shield decorating station planned, but apparently its not a good idea to go on a girls trip to the casino on a party bus the day before your daughters 3rd birthday party. Anyway, alot of decorations didn't make it out at the party but it did turn out pretty cute. Rilyn enjoyed it so it was a success to me. :)
Oh- BTW I have the Cinderella costume and all the accessories if you'd like Cinderella at your little girls next party! :)
Rilyn meeting Cinderella for the 1st time. :)

Cheese! :D

Cinderella spraying Addison with glitter.

Putting make up on Brooklyn.

Belle and little Cinderella. :)

I love this pic.

Here are some cute pics of my little cutie the day after the party.....

My favorite! :)

And here she is with her big
She reminds me of baby goofy with those big things! :)