Monday, October 25, 2010

Its decided! Raigen is having a Carnival Themed birthday!!

I've been seeing SO much stuff that would go great with a Carnival Theme birthday so I decided that's what we're having. Every year we always go to the Christmas in our town carnival in Onalaska and its in mid-December. Its cold, but not too cold. So we're having it on our back yard. I picked up TONS of stuff at the 99 cent store! We're going to have a concession stand with all carnival theme foods, like ... popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, chips and funnel cakes. I'm also making a ticket booth for the kids to spend their tickets they win instead of me doing candy bags. I got bubbles, army men, play doe, .. and all kinds of stuff for the kids to choose from! We are having a bean bag toss game, a pick a duck game, a ring toss, and face painting station. I also plan to paint one of those things you stick your face in to take a picture. Alisha also said she'd bring her horse and give 'Pony Rides"! :) AND did I mention Josh is going to dress up like a clown!!HA HA I got tons of clown stuff already... this should be super cute!!
Originally I was planning a Christmas themed birthday, but I decied to wait until next year and do it because I think I may do Rilyn a halloween birthdy party next year since her birthday is in October. :)
I cant believe that in less than 2 months my baby will be 1. :(