Thursday, October 14, 2010

Its almost time for HALLOWEEN!

This year will be mine and Josh's 1st year to dress up. I'm excited, we have list of 'couple costumes' so this could get pretty interesting... and probably funny too. So far we have 2 costume parties to go to and both of my bunko groups are dressing up too since we play at the end of the month. Both of the girls will be bumble bees. I ordered Raigen a bee costume off of eBay for $1.00!! And it is SO cute! I had planned on Rilyn being a lady bug since that what she said she wanted to be. But when I got Raigens costume in the mail she all the sudden wanted to be a bee too. So yep, both girls are going to be bees. I reused Rilyn's tutu I made her last year for her kitty cat costume. It is black so I added strips of black and yellow striped fabric to it and we got her wings from her cousin Laney, she was a bee last year. Once Josh and I decided on our costumes we'll all be ready for Halloween! :) Cant wait to post some pics!