Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bunkos Group #1-Halloween Edition!

The 4Th Wednesday of the month I play bunkos with this group of wild gals. :) Last night was our Halloween Bunkos! :)
Trishka- a sumo wrestler
Alisha- a 'Big Bunko'

Codie-Blast from the Past

Terri- a hunter

Tina- Mrs. Claus

Ruth- a Cat

Yours truly- who, by the way WON the costume contest! I even put some basil in a sandwich bag to show them what I brought back from the I had it pined to the inside of my vest since I didn't have pockets. I was just praying I didn't get stopped on the way there! lol BTW- My sweet mom made my costume! :) I have to say, I was one out of sight chick...

Sandra- a 'working' woman lol

Kassandra- Raggedy Ann

My favorite- Tiffani was Snooki! She looked exactly like her!!

Group picture...