Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bunkos Group #1-Halloween Edition!

The 4Th Wednesday of the month I play bunkos with this group of wild gals. :) Last night was our Halloween Bunkos! :)
Trishka- a sumo wrestler
Alisha- a 'Big Bunko'

Codie-Blast from the Past

Terri- a hunter

Tina- Mrs. Claus

Ruth- a Cat

Yours truly- who, by the way WON the costume contest! I even put some basil in a sandwich bag to show them what I brought back from the I had it pined to the inside of my vest since I didn't have pockets. I was just praying I didn't get stopped on the way there! lol BTW- My sweet mom made my costume! :) I have to say, I was one out of sight chick...

Sandra- a 'working' woman lol

Kassandra- Raggedy Ann

My favorite- Tiffani was Snooki! She looked exactly like her!!

Group picture...

Monday, October 25, 2010

Its decided! Raigen is having a Carnival Themed birthday!!

I've been seeing SO much stuff that would go great with a Carnival Theme birthday so I decided that's what we're having. Every year we always go to the Christmas in our town carnival in Onalaska and its in mid-December. Its cold, but not too cold. So we're having it on our back yard. I picked up TONS of stuff at the 99 cent store! We're going to have a concession stand with all carnival theme foods, like ... popcorn, nachos, hot dogs, chips and funnel cakes. I'm also making a ticket booth for the kids to spend their tickets they win instead of me doing candy bags. I got bubbles, army men, play doe, .. and all kinds of stuff for the kids to choose from! We are having a bean bag toss game, a pick a duck game, a ring toss, and face painting station. I also plan to paint one of those things you stick your face in to take a picture. Alisha also said she'd bring her horse and give 'Pony Rides"! :) AND did I mention Josh is going to dress up like a clown!!HA HA I got tons of clown stuff already... this should be super cute!!
Originally I was planning a Christmas themed birthday, but I decied to wait until next year and do it because I think I may do Rilyn a halloween birthdy party next year since her birthday is in October. :)
I cant believe that in less than 2 months my baby will be 1. :(

Halloween Party #1

Hugh Hefner and a Playboy Bunny.
Yep, thats what we decided to be this year. Im still cracking up looking at the pictures of Josh. My costume (Hef) was dumb. I couldnt find the right wig! My bunny made up for it though.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Its almost time for HALLOWEEN!

This year will be mine and Josh's 1st year to dress up. I'm excited, we have list of 'couple costumes' so this could get pretty interesting... and probably funny too. So far we have 2 costume parties to go to and both of my bunko groups are dressing up too since we play at the end of the month. Both of the girls will be bumble bees. I ordered Raigen a bee costume off of eBay for $1.00!! And it is SO cute! I had planned on Rilyn being a lady bug since that what she said she wanted to be. But when I got Raigens costume in the mail she all the sudden wanted to be a bee too. So yep, both girls are going to be bees. I reused Rilyn's tutu I made her last year for her kitty cat costume. It is black so I added strips of black and yellow striped fabric to it and we got her wings from her cousin Laney, she was a bee last year. Once Josh and I decided on our costumes we'll all be ready for Halloween! :) Cant wait to post some pics!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New car seat covers!

I saw this adorable fabric at walmart, its just beautiful! It has specs of glitter in the fabric! CUTE! Anyway-I had another impulse to make the girls matching car seat covers now that Raigen has out grown her infant car seat. So I purchased 2 yards of fabric for only $8 and then I convinced my Mom to make them for me.... I really just don't have the time. Thank you Mommy!!
Do you know that these range from $50-$80 on eBay?
Yep, I just posted some for sale! :D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Yesterday Rilyn was playing Barbies and I hadn't heard a peep from her in a few minutes so I thought Id check on her. Only to find her checking out what was under Ken's clothes! She is only 3 people! I didn't want to tell her not to be looking under there, thinking that she'd want to check it out even more. I know there isn't anything under his clothes, the doll is pretty PG I just don't want her thinking its OK to look under boys clothes. Anyway, I let it go. THEN she comes out of her room and Ken is naked. I said "Put his clothes back on! Hes naked." She said "He was taking a shower mom." She then brought me his clothes because she couldn't get them back on. She told me only to put his shorts on because he and Barbie were about to go swimming. LOL Later at the dinner table she had 2 barbies and ken. Out of the blue she said..."Hes is falling in love with her." and pointed to one of the Barbies. Me and Josh looked at each other, wondering where she picks this stuff up at??...THEN she picked up one of the Barbies and the Barbie said to Ken "Why are yo falling in love with her and not me?" I keep asking myself...where does she get this from?...Should I hide the barbies from her for awhile?...
Oh, and get this. A few days before that I caught her making Barbie and Ken kiss! Yes kiss. Then when my mom comes over to watch her she said "They getting married, just hugging, my Mom said they cant kiss. " LOL
I don't know what happened when she turned 3....

Oh and last night we were playing in her room and she asked Josh a question. I said "Answer us" Because we didn't hear him. She said "What did you say to Dad, Mom?"...I said "I told him AN-SWER US.."
She said "We are not ants Mom! Silly!" LOL

Monday, October 11, 2010

And the 'Mom of the Year Award' goes to....

not me. I feel horrible.

Rilyn doesn't like broccoli. I dont know why, shes never tasted it. She said she doesn't like it because she 'don't like green things'. Well Saturday I made hamburger steaks, gravy, mashed potatoes, broccoli and cheese, and garlic cheese bread. And I decided that she was going to try broccoli. Just one bit I told her, that's it. I just knew she'd like it since it was drowning in cheese. She refused.......and refused. So, I threatened her with going to the doctor and time out. I know I shouldn't use the doctor to threaten her with, I just really wanted her to try it. Anyway, she refused. Finally I just shoved it into her mouth. She just sat there. She wouldn't chew it or swallow. She said "I'm sick."
I said " You are not sick, swallow it so you can get a drink."

Then she puked all over me and the floor. Not once, but twice. Turns out she really was feeling sick.
And to top it off, she now thinks broccoli makes you sick and throw up.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I painted my kitchen cabinets!!

I've been wanting to paint my cabinets for years! I was always too scared that after I did it, I wouldn't like it. Well, I finally did it and I love it! Here are the before and after :)



We still have more todo, I plan on putting crown molding along the top of the cabinets.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Rilyn's 3rd birthday party!

My sweet Rilyn is 3!! She had a BLAST at her birthday party and freaked out when she saw Cinderella walking up! She got really nervous. It was the cutest thing ever. My wonderful cousin Brandy (Rilyn had no idea it was her!!) dressed up as Cinderella for the party. All the girls were excited to see Cinderella! Cinderella put make up on all the girls and sprayed them with her special princess glitter. My sister Chelle has a nail kit. That has a nail dryer and she and her friend painted the girls nails. Cinderella also gave all the girls little purses with lip gloss, glitter nail polish, a necklace, and a ring. And the boys received a knight helmet and sword. I had a shield decorating station planned, but apparently its not a good idea to go on a girls trip to the casino on a party bus the day before your daughters 3rd birthday party. Anyway, alot of decorations didn't make it out at the party but it did turn out pretty cute. Rilyn enjoyed it so it was a success to me. :)
Oh- BTW I have the Cinderella costume and all the accessories if you'd like Cinderella at your little girls next party! :)
Rilyn meeting Cinderella for the 1st time. :)

Cheese! :D

Cinderella spraying Addison with glitter.

Putting make up on Brooklyn.

Belle and little Cinderella. :)

I love this pic.

Here are some cute pics of my little cutie the day after the party.....

My favorite! :)

And here she is with her big
She reminds me of baby goofy with those big things! :)