Friday, September 10, 2010

A call from Cinderella!

Ok, so Rilyn is already really excited that Cinderella is attending her birthday! SO, I took a picture off of the Internet of Cinderella and saved it at my cousin Brandy's picture on my phone so when she called, Cinderella's face would show. Well the other night I texted Bran and told her that Cinderella needed to call Rilyn. Well when my phone rang I asked Rilyn to bring it to me and I asked her who was calling. She looked at my phone and gasps "ITS CINDERELLA MOM!" I said "Really?..You better answer it!". I answered the phone for her and she immediately started talking to Cinderella like they were long lost friends! And now she is even MORE excited about 'her friend' Cinderella coming to her party!

Earlier in the day UPS delivered one of Rilyn's birthday presents, a complete doll set. One of the ones with a play pen, high chair...ect. Everything. She has been wanting one for a while. Anyway... she just so happened to be there at the door with my mom when UPS dropped it off, unwrapped by the way. And she said "Is dat for me, for my princess party?" ...My mom said .."No, I dont think. I think it might be for Brooklyn's birthday." Well that really ticked her off... she told me when I got home how mad she was that Mimi took her present and is going to give it to Brooklynn and that all she wanted to do is open it and look at it. And Mimi said no. LOL Shes already forgotten about it now thank God so she should be excited when she finally gets to open it. :)