Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 til the birthday...

OK, 10 until the birthday party and I'm pretty much ready to go!
- Got Cinderella's dress in! (It is SO pretty)
- Her wig will be her Thursday
- Got all the 'Knights', Knight helmets and swords. And at the party I'm having a Knight shield decorating station. I bought foam board and cut it out in shield shapes and I have markers for the boys to decorate them.
- Got all the make up and 'princess' jewelry for the princesses. I'm having a makeup station with jewelry too for the princesses. They are going to get their makeup done by Cinderella. The girls will have a small bag with lip gloss, glitter nail polish, and jewelry to take home. Oh- and they all got tiaras too!
- Got all the decorations! Its going to be SO cute!
- I'm also making large tissue paper balls to hang from the ceiling. (Gotta get started on that!)
- And I'm mailing out the invites tomorrow! :)
Now, I have to start getting costumes ready for Halloween! I cant catch a break..
I ordered Raigen an ADORABLE Bee costume off of eBay for $1.00! And only $5.00 Shipping.. so for only $6.00! Cant beat that and its Children's Place brand. :) And now Rilyn decides she wants to be a Bee too. LOL So I guess I will have 2 Bees.
Once I'm done with the costumes... then I really need to get started on Raigens 1st birthday party! And I'm completely out of ideas!!! Its in December so it will most likely have to be indoors. Which sucks. Our house is the only place I can think of having it.. and what are the kids going to do indoors??.. Man, December birthdays are HARD!