Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 til the birthday...

OK, 10 until the birthday party and I'm pretty much ready to go!
- Got Cinderella's dress in! (It is SO pretty)
- Her wig will be her Thursday
- Got all the 'Knights', Knight helmets and swords. And at the party I'm having a Knight shield decorating station. I bought foam board and cut it out in shield shapes and I have markers for the boys to decorate them.
- Got all the make up and 'princess' jewelry for the princesses. I'm having a makeup station with jewelry too for the princesses. They are going to get their makeup done by Cinderella. The girls will have a small bag with lip gloss, glitter nail polish, and jewelry to take home. Oh- and they all got tiaras too!
- Got all the decorations! Its going to be SO cute!
- I'm also making large tissue paper balls to hang from the ceiling. (Gotta get started on that!)
- And I'm mailing out the invites tomorrow! :)
Now, I have to start getting costumes ready for Halloween! I cant catch a break..
I ordered Raigen an ADORABLE Bee costume off of eBay for $1.00! And only $5.00 Shipping.. so for only $6.00! Cant beat that and its Children's Place brand. :) And now Rilyn decides she wants to be a Bee too. LOL So I guess I will have 2 Bees.
Once I'm done with the costumes... then I really need to get started on Raigens 1st birthday party! And I'm completely out of ideas!!! Its in December so it will most likely have to be indoors. Which sucks. Our house is the only place I can think of having it.. and what are the kids going to do indoors??.. Man, December birthdays are HARD!

Friday, September 17, 2010


These pictures were taken yesterday on her 9 month birthday. I think this little monkey will be walking by 10 months. Shes already pulling up, standing, and she has taken a few steps!
Heres the proof :)

Look at my big girl standing all by her self!! Trying to walk!


and more...


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Raigen can say BABY!
She LOVES babies!! She especially loves to look at adorable baby in the mirror. If you are holding her and she sees a mirror she goes CRAZY trying to get to it! Its the cutest thing. She also loves baby dolls. If you give her one she will kiss it and mumble "Bobby... Ba-baby.."And sometimes it even sounds like shes saying Barbi. It is SOOOO cute! Whats weird is, I don't even remember Rilyn really at this age. :( I know she had to be just as cute, but I just don't remember. It seems like it was too long ago. So now I'm enjoying it as if it is all new to me. :) And we're all REALLY enjoying Rilyn's age. :)
Last night, Rilyn and Josh were wrestling, as usual, on the living room floor. She said she was going to beat him up! And he said " You cant beat me up, I'm the King of Mean!"....Rilyn said "Well,.....I'm the Princess of SO Mean!" It was so adorable!
I wish I could just freeze my girls at the ages they are right now.
I wouldn't even mind changing diapers for the rest of my life ...if only my girls would stay little.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Raigen 9 Months old...

Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen? :)
This little monkey pulls up on EVERYTHING! She loves to pull up on something and let go and just stand there, she does this 24/7. AND she's already taken a couple of steps by herself! She'll be walking in no time! She loves crawling around on the floor, I just have to make sure my purse or the diaper bag are up otherwise she empties them. She says: Mama. Dada, bite, bye, & Pop-pop. She waves and if you ask her for a bite, she'll even offer you a sip of her bottle. She talks non-stop! Seriously, if you think Rilyn talks alot... just wait till you hear Raigen! She LOVES her big sis! Anything Rilyn does cracks Raigen up! Its SO cute! She is obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, just like Rilyn was. If she is fussy just put it on Mickey and she immediately smiles and is glued to the TV. Thank the Lord for Mickey!! :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

A call from Cinderella!

Ok, so Rilyn is already really excited that Cinderella is attending her birthday! SO, I took a picture off of the Internet of Cinderella and saved it at my cousin Brandy's picture on my phone so when she called, Cinderella's face would show. Well the other night I texted Bran and told her that Cinderella needed to call Rilyn. Well when my phone rang I asked Rilyn to bring it to me and I asked her who was calling. She looked at my phone and gasps "ITS CINDERELLA MOM!" I said "Really?..You better answer it!". I answered the phone for her and she immediately started talking to Cinderella like they were long lost friends! And now she is even MORE excited about 'her friend' Cinderella coming to her party!

Earlier in the day UPS delivered one of Rilyn's birthday presents, a complete doll set. One of the ones with a play pen, high chair...ect. Everything. She has been wanting one for a while. Anyway... she just so happened to be there at the door with my mom when UPS dropped it off, unwrapped by the way. And she said "Is dat for me, for my princess party?" ...My mom said .."No, I dont think. I think it might be for Brooklyn's birthday." Well that really ticked her off... she told me when I got home how mad she was that Mimi took her present and is going to give it to Brooklynn and that all she wanted to do is open it and look at it. And Mimi said no. LOL Shes already forgotten about it now thank God so she should be excited when she finally gets to open it. :)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rilyn's 3rd birthday invitations and thank you cards!

I ordered these adorable invites online! How cute are they!
Getting closer and closer to the pary!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

1 month countdown 'till Rilyn's 3rd birthday party!

I cant believe next month Rilyn will be 3! I wish she would stay 2 forever!
She is having a Princess themed birthday. And she is super excited! Heck, I'm excited!l I've been planning this for a while now. I was going to hire Cinderella to be there, but I don't see paying $200 for and hour with the princess SO I have this beautiful cousin Brandy :) who is going to dress up like Cinderella! Today I ordered her costume and wig. I'm super excited! AND no, honestly I don't think Rilyn will recognize its Brandy, last time we seen her was May and she acted like she'd never met her before. I have everything bought... decorations, her gifts, and I have her cake picked out. All that's left to do is send out invitations! :)
And then it will be time to plan Raigen's 1st birthday!! Its only 2 1/2 months away. Yikes!! I REALLY cant believe its almost been a whole year with that little toot! I have no idea what kind of party she will have yet.. I'm verging on doing another princess party since I bought tons of decorations. I don't know though, I kind of want her 1st birthday to be her own, special one, and unlike any that her sister has had. Heck, she already gets hand me downs with everything else.
I just don't know what to do for her birthday. December is a super hard month because, for 1 its cold outside, and 2, I don't know anywhere to have an indoor party BESIDES our house. And what are 20 kids going to do being crammed inside?...Ugh.. this is too hard. Why couldn't I have gotten pregnant just 2 months earlier and had another Oct baby, then I could have their parties together! Man! We are really going to be doing some planning before we decide to get pregnant with the next.
And THEN there comes Christmas! Good thing I've already started buying stuff! I'm going to be on the ball this year!