Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A BBQ, Chuckie Cheese, and More!

Saturday we had a nice BBQ. Josh was super excited because he made is own rub for his brisket. It was his 1st time to ever cook at brisket. He cooked it all night Friday night and it was the bomb! Rachel showed up at the house with a wig and told us all she had gotten her hair cut. It was cute on her and she fooled me! LOL SO ofcourse all of us had to try it on! Be prepared to laugh!

Here is Rachel in the wig playing cards.

A group of us played 31. It was fun. My mom and dad won all the money though! :(

LOL Here is Josh in the wig. He just had to have a poney tail.... He concentrating playing cards.

And me :)

Pappoo! lol


Josh, being Josh!

The other Pappoo

Joe Dirts long lost little

Playing cards...

Rilyn Dirts cousin, Laney

Kiley Josh said he looks like a caveman.

Mr. Serious

Rilyn, Raigen, and my friend leslie's little girl Nikki. She is a month older than Raigie.
How cute are they :)

My adorable little princess... and pappoo.

Chuckie Cheese!!

And can you believe it, Rilyns hair is long enough to put it all in a poney tail! So cute! She looks so grown up!!

My big princess at work with me. On our way to gymnastics. Oh and by the way, she is getting to move to the 3 year old gymnastic class. This week was her last week to be a diaper monkey. Next week she will officially be a tumble monkey AND we also put her in a cheermonkey class. She is super excited! She keeps asking "Mommy, when I gonna be a cheeryeader?"
My lil Diva ♥

This is the smile we wake up to everymorning. Really, its much cuter in person. Its looking a bit evilish in this

This people is why we are doing a princess party!
EVERYDAY is dress up day at our house!!

I have to say.. This is one beautiful princess!

And now its Raigies day at work with mommy!
I love this smile. She looks like an old lady! LOL
Dang, we make some pretty babies! :)

Happy, happy... all the time!
Trying to get the camera!So cute!Rilyns zebra toes mommy painted her, so cute!

Raigen eating. Something was pretty 'interesting' tasting.LOL