Monday, August 30, 2010

Our weekend

Apparently a BBQ is becoming a regular thing at our house. We've probably had 4 BBq's in the last 2 months. We enjoy them! Getting to spend time with great family and friends AND the convenience of not having to drive anywhere! :)
In other news.. the kiddos are getting so big! This weekend in Church Rilyn whispered to me " Mommy, I am about to fart really youd"
I couldn't help but crack up. I could barely get out, "No please don't. :)" Speaking of miss rilyn heres a few funny stories.... get ready to crack up.
She informed us she "yikes dip".
Josh as you probably know has the lovely habit of dipping. Well he called me one day while I was out running errands and asked me to buy him some and bring it to him to work. As soon as I got off the phone, nosey asked. "What did my Dad say?"
I said "He wants us to bring him his dip." And FYI- she knows exactly what dip is. Anyway she then said "I like dip."
Me: No you don't! Dip is for Daddy's, its bad for you.
Rilyn: Well.....(pause) I like cheese dip!
And Friday Aunt Sarah bug was talking to Rilyn and asked her "Whos farts stink worse your mom's or your dad's?"
Rilyn then said... "Um.. probably mine."
This happened a few months ago and I cant help but to share it. Rilyn was spending the night with Lubby. And the next morning when they woke up they were sitting in the bed and Rilyn began to look all in the covers looking for something.
Robin: What are you looking for...
Rilyn: My booger, I dropped it!
Oh- and my favorite! One day I was cradling her like a baby and I said something about her nose having no boogies in it. THEN she exclaims " Yea, dats because I been eatin them all!"
I had no idea she has been scarfing down boogers! So then we had a little no eating boogers talk.
LOL Im telling you she is a nutt! Just like all the dang Longs! lol
Shes also into 'texting'. Its crazy... how does a 2 year old know what texting is? She is always on her play phone, if this is a sign of future years, boy are we in trouble. I dont think I could afford for her to ever have a real cell phone! Anyway she always tells me and Josh to smile and pretends to take our picture. Then she says, " Yook, yall yook so cute, I gonna send it to you!." She is also into getting married. She brought me her dance tutu and I had to put it on her head like a vale because she said she was about to get married. And this weekend the neighbors dog was over at our house and she said she would really like for daisy (the neighbors dog) to kiss Toby (Sarahs dog). So they can be married. LOL
My Raigen is a crawling machine! AND she is pulling up on stuff! I cant believe my BABY will be 9 months old in September! :( She is always so happy and content. Shes perfect. If I could guarantee my next one would be just like Raigen I'd have a nother one right now! I love this little sweet pea!