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Our weekend

Apparently a BBQ is becoming a regular thing at our house. We've probably had 4 BBq's in the last 2 months. We enjoy them! Getting to spend time with great family and friends AND the convenience of not having to drive anywhere! :) In other news.. the kiddos are getting so big! This weekend in Church Rilyn whispered to me " Mommy, I am about to fart really youd" I couldn't help but crack up. I could barely get out, "No please don't. :)" Speaking of miss rilyn heres a few funny stories.... get ready to crack up. She informed us she "yikes dip". Josh as you probably know has the lovely habit of dipping. Well he called me one day while I was out running errands and asked me to buy him some and bring it to him to work. As soon as I got off the phone, nosey asked. "What did my Dad say?" I said "He wants us to bring him his dip." And FYI- she knows exactly what dip is. Anyway she then said "I like dip." Me: No you don&#…


WELL.. yesterday was dance. And my Rilyn doesn't have one graceful bone in her body. For instance, they were practicing jumping over a stuffed animal. They were suppose to run on their tip toes and 'leap' over it. The first girl went and did it. And then it was Rilyns turn. Shes got the tip toes part down.. shes been walking on her tip toes since she could walk. Well... she runs on her tip toes gets to the animal, stops and with two feet dives over the animal. Me and Josh were dying laughing. Actually, the whole practice we were laughing. Maybe we should just stick to gymnastics...

1st Day of Dance class!

Yesterday we ventured to Lufkin, just us girls, to do some shopping for Rilyns dance class outfit. Black leotard, pink ballet shoes, and a pink tutu! She looks adorable! I can not wait to see how she does. Especially since she "practiced" ALL night. She almost fell asleep fully dressed in her dance outfit, shoes and all. I finally talked her into putting on her jammies though. ..sigh.. My baby is getting so big.... :( You'll just have to wait for a picture...:)

Diaper Monkeys 2010.

Rilyn's gymnastic class picture!

My Raigie has roseola!

First she was running a fever from cutting teeth. The fever only lasted a couple of days. but following the fever this ugly rash appeared! She looks horrible. :( Poor baby. AND to top it off there is nothing you can do for the rash! It has to run its course (its a virus). It can last a couple of days or up to 2 weeks! :( The good news is the rash does NOT itch or hurt. So, other than looking like a cheetah she is perfectly normal. And this morning when she woke up it is already starting to go away! YAY!

A BBQ, Chuckie Cheese, and More!

Saturday we had a nice BBQ. Josh was super excited because he made is own rub for his brisket. It was his 1st time to ever cook at brisket. He cooked it all night Friday night and it was the bomb! Rachel showed up at the house with a wig and told us all she had gotten her hair cut. It was cute on her and she fooled me! LOL SO ofcourse all of us had to try it on! Be prepared to laugh!

Here is Rachel in the wig playing cards.
A group of us played 31. It was fun. My mom and dad won all the money though! :(

LOL Here is Josh in the wig. He just had to have a poney tail.... He concentrating playing cards.
And me :)
Pappoo! lol


Josh, being Josh!

The other Pappoo
AND Joe Dirts long lost little Rilyn

Playing cards...

Rilyn Dirts cousin, Laney

Kiley Josh said he looks like a caveman.

Mr. Serious

Rilyn, Raigen, and my friend leslie's little girl Nikki. She is a month older than Raigie.
How cute are they :)

My adorable little princess... and pappoo.

Chuckie Cheese!!