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The Circus

Laci and Rilyn
Mason, Bryce, Laci, and Rilyn looking at all the animals before the show..

Rilyn holding a elephant tooth!

Me and my big girl ♥

Too cute...

She wanted to take a pic with the 'pin-cess'

My very own clown...

Eating her $12 cotton candy.. not kidding.

The smile I ♥

BFF'S :)

For Lanes birthday Leanna planned a trip to Houston to the circus and it was a BLAST! Rilyn wasnt even scared of the clowns like I though she'd be! lol. (Thank God) Daddy had his 1st day of his scuba class and I knew Raigen wouldnt care to go... so it was just me and my big girl!

7 Months...

Has it really been 7 months?... I know I say that everytime but really 7?... I mean, in 5 months she will be 12 months... then 4, then college, and the next thing you know we'll be planning a wedding! My girls are growing entirely too fast. This cant be normal.

This month Raigie learned how to wave! And she can actually sit up, for a long time! She even has tried to crawl! She cant really crawl yet, but she is one mean scooting macine!

Jake's 1st photoshoot...1 week!

Little Jake is already 1 week! So, you know what that means??..Yep! Time for his 1st photoshoot! :) How cute is he!!