Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yesterday was a day of firsts....

It was the 1st time Rilyn has ever fell asleep in her big girl bed in her room. After making me read her what felt like 100 books! (Which is my favorite part of the day, btw) I looked over and she was out! So, I turned her light off, turned her closet light on, and cleaned out a clear path to her door for when she woke up to come into our room. I went into the living room and Josh was watching TV and Raigen was asleep in her bassinet. Man, I dont think this has ever happened. Both girls, asleep, at 9:30... WOW! So we went to bed.
Josh: "You know shes going to wake up screaming and run in here in the middle of the night."
Me: "I know, I left her closet light on for when she does."
2 Minutes later, Josh was asleep and I was carrying Rilyn into our room.
I know... I know...
But sssh! Josh thinks she woke up in the middle of the night and came in there by herself! :)
And yesterday was also the 1st time Raigen sat up by herself! Luckily we have carpet because she occasionally rolls over like a bowling ball in slow motion! lol
Gosh, next thing you know she'll be crawling!