Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I ♥ my 2 year old.

I love the sound of Rilyns plastic high heals on the kitchen floor.
Even when Raigen;s sleeping and its so freakin loud that it wakes her up!lol I love it.
I love how Rilyn talks like a real 'big girl'.
Like how she likes to pretend that shes the mom and I'm the daughter.
Or how she fills her grocery cart up full of stuff and comes in the living room to dump it out. Then asks me to clean up or Santa wont bring me any toys.
And how she loves to play store and tells me she 'haves 2 debit cards'.
Like how she ALWAYS has to carry a purse.
And seriously it has lip gloss, 2 cell phones, keys, and numerous 'debit cards'.
And none of it ever gets lost.
And she always has to carry a diaper bag for any one of her million babies.
And what amazes me is she names them all. And remembers their names.
I love to hear her sing her bath time song... "Scruba dub dub in tha tub..."
I love how she rhymes EVERYTHING, like how she calls me 'Mommy-Jommy-Wommy' and Josh 'Daddy-Waddy'.
I love when she names all of her cousins, she includes Aunt Sarah-bugs DOG Toby. :)
I just love this kid.