Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rilyn's 1st play date with Lane and Laci!

I brought Lane and Laci home with me the other day to play with Rilyn for a bit and she was ecstatic! She calls them her 'fends'. They all had a blast! Lane was so sweet, he helped Rilyn build a sand castle. And Laci and Rilyn played house. Rilyn kept yelling "Mom!" And Id say "What?" She said " Not you, Laci my mom and Im the daughter!" It was cute. When Bubba came to get the kids, he said "wheres your mom?.." Rilyn said "In the house.' And I was standing right there! LOL... (She was talking about Laci!) Then poor Rilyn SCREAMED and cried when they left, she said... "He taking my fends!"...
Look at these pictures... Arnt they so cute!