Friday, May 14, 2010

Rilyn's 1st day of school!

Rilyn keeps telling me " I wanna go to school!". SO I put her in school! She is going to school(Mothers Day out) once a week. Her 1st day was Tuesday and I was a little nervous to see how she'd do. She was SO excited about going, Ive never seen her happier about anything. While we were packing her lunch she said "I need to take juices for all my friends!" She hadn't even met the kids yet but they were already 'all her friends'. I took her in I introduced her to her teacher and stood there for a few minutes then I said "Ok, Mommy's going to work." she said "Ok, love you mom." I was sort of heart broken. I kinda wanted her to cry for me. I dont know why. I told her teacher that if she cried or freaked out to call me because she had never been before. The teacher and everyone else there assured me that she'd do fine. And I reminded them once again that they could call if they needed to. Then they were like psycho mom. she'll do fine! They didnt really say that. LOL I know they were thinking it though. She was there from 8:30-4:30. I almost went to pick her up at lunch. I really wanted to. Josh told me to leave her alone and let her 'spread her wings'. LOL Yes, he used those exact words... ((Hes a dork.)) SO at 4:00 I headed over there to pick her up. Its only like 2 miles away, maybe. But I didnt want to get stuck behind a train or anything. When I got there she was playing out side with her class. I went and got her and when we got inside I asked how her 1st day was. She said "Dat boy was pushin me!" Then she said "And I hit him." I kind of laughed. I never thought it would be funny to hear her taking about her 1st fight. It was just something about a 2 year old saying it that cracked me up. I said "What did your teacher do?" She said " Her say, NO FIGHTING" LOL Anyway, she LOOOVED her 1st day of school. So now when she is misbehaving I say, "You do that again and you cant go back to school." Then she behaves. :) Alisha said I am a horrible mom for not taking her picture of her on her 1st day. Truthfully I didnt think we'd even make it to the school. I had planned on having her at work with me that day. Not because I thought she wouldnt go, I didnt think I'd actually go thru with it. My baby is getting so big. And Im not ready for her to yet. This maybe good for the both of us, she is getting to play with kids and its weaning me for when she REALLY start school.
I guess Ill just have to take a picture of her 2nd day on tuesday to post. She looks adorable with her backpack and luchkit.... Like a real school kid.