Monday, May 3, 2010

Raigen 4 1/2 months....

Raigen is getting so big and active! She is grabbing things now! She can pull her hanging toy and make the music start! She grabs her feet and then goes strait for the mouth, which is SO cute! We've started her on baby food, yesterday she ate a whole can of sweet potatoes (in her feeder), 3oz of Gerber juice then still wanted 3 oz of milk! What a piggy! Shes goes pretty good when we feed her with a spoon too, as soon as she sees that spoon that mouth is She laughs and smiles 24/7! I have never seen a baby that is this happy! Rilyn still loves her to death, today she said " Can Ragie go to nastics(gymnastics) with me?..Pweese?"... And when she wakes up Rilyn says "Good morning sunshine!"...Its so cute.
Heres a picture of her napping the other day, notice she has to have a blanket to hold. Its cute...Atleast shes not doing what Rilyn did and pinch! heck, Rilyn still does it! She has to pinch your arm to go to sleep.... PAAAINNNNFUL.