Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Where to begin...

So, I went Friday to pick up 2 baby 'Easter bunnies' for the girls for Easter. When I got home, I begged Josh to let us give them to them early. ( I couldn't wait, they were SO cute) So after much begging, he said ok. :) And Im glad he did because Hoppy (Rilyn picked the name) escaped in our house! And had he been outside where we were going to keep them, he'd be gone. Josh had pulled EVERYTHING out in our house looking for this little thing. No sign of Hoppy. I, being the brains of the marriage anyway, had the great idea to put a carrot out and HOPE he was still hungry enough to be lured in (Rilyn had already fed them 3lbs of carrots..lol) Well he was still hungry, and we caught him...or her. We're not sure about that yet. Anyway, moral of the story, we get the best parents of the year award.. and Rilyn is starting to accumulate a tiny zoo of animals . Right now we have 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 fish, 1 turtle, and 2 rabbit ts... tours anyone?..

Saturday night we dyed eggs at Lubby with the cousins ♥ and then when we got home we dyed some more! Rilyn LOVED dying the eggs. She said " Mommy, you make juice so I can color eggs??.." :) Shes so cute. Raigen wasnt too excited... so I gave her a plastic egg to suck on to try to get her in the Easter spirit... :) Sunday morning I informed Rilyn that we were going to church with Lubby... she said " I dont wike going to church with Lubby." I said.. "Why?"..She said "BECAUSE, HER TELL ME TO BE QUIET!!'..lol. When we got to church rilyn said... "We at church?"..I said "yes". She said "So we can sing and pray!"...Or at least I thought she said that .. I think she really said "Sing and play"..Oh well, it was the most adorable thing I ever heard.