Monday, April 19, 2010

Trying to teach a 2 year old about Jesus....

So, Ive been trying to teach Rilyn to say her prayers and its difficult. Especially since shes at the "why?" stage. Its really hard to explain to a child about Jesus. Really hard. The other night I said "Rilyn, lets say our prayers now." I said "Thank you Lord for this day."...She started laughing. "I said now you say it."...She said "Tank you Lord por dis day." When we got to "In Jesus' name...". She said "whos Jesus?" And thats when it all started. lol... I figured Id just say he watches over us. Easy enough right?...She said "Where he at?"..I said "Everywhere." She said "In your room?" I said 'Yes" . She said "Hi Jesus!....Can he come play with me?...( Looking at the ceiling.) "..LOL I said "Sure." ( FIY she is REALLY into pretending) She scooted over and looked a the open spot in the bed and said "Hi Jesus" and hugged him. She said "I love Jesus... he my friend."

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Raigen is 4 months old already! Can you believe it?..

Look at these pretty blue eyes! And this gorgeous smile!

I have a perfect baby! This sweetie is sleeping 9-10 hours at night! And Im lovin' it! Shes gotten to where if she is tired, she doesnt want to be held, you just lay her down and bam! She goes right to sleep and ALWAYS wakes up smiling! Now, this I can get use to!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Our 1st Family Vacation 04/2010

We had a blast on our vacation! It was nice to get away and relax...
Our hotel was right across the street from the air force base, which Josh thought was the coolest thing ever. Yea, it was just great it sounded like it was thundering the entire time we were Rilyn and Josh went swimming at the hotel pool and there was some old 70ish people there. She thought they were her BFs. She kept screaming "Hey guys! Look Guys! My dad found a lady buy Guys!"...."Hey Guys, Look at my Dad swim guys!"... The funniest part was that they werent even talking to They were like... "ok...."

A picture of us on the car ride there. :) Thank you Lord, Raigen didnt scream the whole entire time! She was an angel she didnt cry on the drive there nor on the drive home!

My sweet big girl...

Josh and Raigen at a rest stop we stopped at so we could stretch our legs and I could feed Raigen.

Mommy and Raigie...

A nice little park we saw and stopped at so Rilyn could play for a bit, and she also had to 'tinkle-pinkle' And genius that I am put her little potty in the back of my car so she wouldnt have to use any nasty gas station bathrooms!

And the 'vacation' begins.....

This is a PERFECT amusement park in if you have kids 5ish and under! Its called the Kiddie Amusement Park in San Antonio its free to get in and you can pay per ride or its $12 for an arm band. Rilyn could ride every ride there. She LOOOOVED this place. Its so cute. We will definitely revisit!

Her mini school bus ride...

A cute little boat ride...


Air planes...


Giddy up!


This was her FAVORITE ride! It says toddlers muse be accompanied by an older kid, I guess because it goes kind of fast and high... but I asked and they let Rilyn ride by herself. As soon as she got on Josh said, shes going to scream as soon as it goes high... well she didnt. She LOVED it. and rode it about 100 times. And cried like a baby when she had to get off.

Raigen, enjoying the perfect weather!

The Farris wheel... Now, I thought for sure Rilyn would be scared of this one, nope.

She loved it too!

More boating, this time with a boy! Shes a little too young for this!

Raigen, talking to her toys...

Hi Daddy!!

My little rock collector!!

The red one..

The yellow one...

The blue one...

Its Sea World time!

Rilyn LOVED seeing the big whale! She said .... "Dat whale shiny!"
I didnt take pictures of the 1st show we saw (the one with the sea lions) it was VERY cute though!

This show was the best... it had beluga whales, dolphins and acrobats!

My little bikini babe!

Posing on a sea lion..

The BEST of all is when we got to pet the dolphines and feed them! They feel like rubber! They were so cute, we just wanted to jump in with them!

Feeding the dolphines... Rilyn was throwing the fish in by hand fulls!

Rilyn called everything a whale...she said this is a mean whale!

Leaving Sea World... Rilyn was super tired!

Bye, bye!

The San Antonio ZOO!
This was the best zoo Ive ever been to. They give you a list of what times the trainers will be at the exibits so you can watch them feed the animals!

She was more interested in her singing toys...

The elephant was cool, here she is doing some tricks...

Rilyn curled up with a big snake and bugs!


My favorite picture!

OMG--i look like a beluga whale...


HAHA... Notice the 2 hippo butts Rilyn was looking at in the water!

I kept telling her it wasnt

Oh my... she was a 'frog' the whole time at the zoo. Why?..I have no clue. She hopped and said "ribit, ribit.." Everyone else thought she was just tooo funny, however this was one slow frog. I said can you please be a princess now??..

The coolest part! Watching them feed the alligators whole rats! These are some brave people!

This rhino went inside and turned around and slammed the door shut!LOL...

Slept the whole time at the zoo!

And the best was last.... the safari! My camera did go dead during the safari... sorry!

The giraf and the rhino was the only animals in sepperate fences... there were so many different animals! This was awesome! You drive thru and the animals eat right from your car!

Haha... funny picture.. looks like hes talking to Josh... "hey man, give me some food!"

"Or... Ill come in and get it myself!"

Rain Deer!


Buffalo blocking the

Now I know where they get their name from... they were raming each other and at one point their horns got stuck

This was one animal I did NOT want to feed!

Pretty cool picture..huh

Our favorite! the zebras!

They ate right from our hand like horses! :)

I wasnt getting the food out fast enough and he started making this face... scared the crap out of me!lol

Me rolling up my window!!!

LOL that zebra stole the bag of food from Josh and Ate the bag and everything...

We sat there and petted them for a while...

Raigen enjoying the safari!