Friday, March 26, 2010

Twenty-freakin-three! Yikes!

This weekend I will be 23.
Old, I know.
We haven't really decided how we're going to 'celebrate' . Since we've had kids.. I kind of feel guilty getting or buying birthday presents for myself, I know... big shocker, huh! :) ... I guess I think any money that I spend should be spent on them. However, this year I decided to buy myself a new trumpet. I really need a new one and I recently re-joined the community band so a new trumpet will come in hand. The one I have now Ive had since the 6th grade and it looks like it was hit by a car! So I guess everyone knows now I'm a big fat band nerd! :) The girls at work are just getting a kick out of me being in the band... they just cant grasp that someone as cool as me (which is waaaaay cooler than them) could possibly be in the band, they tease me, its like high school all over Shannan said something to me today about bringing my trumpet to play to Leannas party this weekend.. Their going to shit when I actually do!lol ... I bet if I do they'll be trying to join too!.. Better not then. Their not cool enough for band. :)

Anyway, happy 23 to me!