Wednesday, March 31, 2010

At the zoo in '09

At the zoo in 2010

Its crazy how much a kid changes in 1 year.. I was looking at old pictures of Rilyn.. heres is a picture of us in 09 at the zoo and 2010 at the zoo. Still has her same adorable smile.. just a tad more hair though.:)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Raigen 3 1/2 Months!..Playing!!

Finally she is old enough to play in her saucer! :))

And now I can finally catch up on house work! :))

Shes still a little too small for it... we have to secure her with a rolled up blanket... but in a month or so it'll be perfect!

Boy, is it nice to free up my arms...

Say Chesee!

Laughing at Rilyn!

Cracking up at Rilyn!

"Huh, mom?"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Raigen 3mths old!

Isnt she adorable!
Shes getting so big! Shes sleeping all through the night. We tried giving her alittle bit of baby food, she just spit it out though and made a really nasty We're going to give it another shot in a few weeks. Shes a really happy baby, all she does is eat, sleep, poop, and smile. lol BUT this week shes started teething! So shes been cranky. :( We love this little cutie! Rilyn has made her own nickname for Raigen. She calls her Raigie.:) Its so cute!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Twenty-freakin-three! Yikes!

This weekend I will be 23.
Old, I know.
We haven't really decided how we're going to 'celebrate' . Since we've had kids.. I kind of feel guilty getting or buying birthday presents for myself, I know... big shocker, huh! :) ... I guess I think any money that I spend should be spent on them. However, this year I decided to buy myself a new trumpet. I really need a new one and I recently re-joined the community band so a new trumpet will come in hand. The one I have now Ive had since the 6th grade and it looks like it was hit by a car! So I guess everyone knows now I'm a big fat band nerd! :) The girls at work are just getting a kick out of me being in the band... they just cant grasp that someone as cool as me (which is waaaaay cooler than them) could possibly be in the band, they tease me, its like high school all over Shannan said something to me today about bringing my trumpet to play to Leannas party this weekend.. Their going to shit when I actually do!lol ... I bet if I do they'll be trying to join too!.. Better not then. Their not cool enough for band. :)

Anyway, happy 23 to me!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Planning our 1st family mini vacation!

So, were headed to San Antonio. :D AND stopping into Austin to see my BF! :D, I'm excited... can you tell :D
We're taking the girls to Sea World, and to the San Antonio zoo... and if we have time we're going through the drive-thru Safari zoo too :) You get to feed the wild animals right from your car at this one! That's right, Jurassic park style! Rilyn is going to go nuts! Oh-- and they also have a kiddie amusement park we might check out too!
Cant wait.... :D

Rilyn and her mustache!

So we went and ate at Cicis. and of course she had to have quarters for games. This is the only kid I know who wants to spend her money on a, wtf?...She said she wanted a mustache like papoo! lol...
Shes looking more and more like a Long everyday....
Shes looks like her Aunt Rachel, doesn't she :)
LMAO ..kidding...
(We'll see if she is still reading my blog:))

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Zoo!

We've been trying to make it a 'tradition' to take the kids to the zoo for Valentines day, however this year the girls had a pageant so finally Saturday we took Rilyn to the zoo, it was pretty windy so I thought it wasnt a good idea to take Raigen... she spent the day with Mimi. We had a blast! We even packed a picnic! Cant wait to do it again and take Raigen too!

--josh was shaking the limb at teh leopard and it would jump up and swat at it! Rilyn loved the leopard. She said she wanted it to be her baby.. I said whats your babys name?..She said ..."Baby jaguar!" close!

A gift for baby Jake!

A letter I framed and painted to match his bedding in his room! ...Only 20 more weeks!..

My little cool chick! :)

Rilyn holding her award she got in gymnastic class!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh, what a saturday night we had!

We won tickets to the comedy club saturday night... so me, josh, brandy, dustin, kem, james, and kelly went.... the comedian was ok, however we were laughing all night at josh. Because after the comedy club we decided to go kareoking! And well... Josh got wasted! (surprised??) And he thought he was a ROCK STAR!
Oh, what a night!

I think Josh was already 'feeling it'

Me & Kem

Aw..How cute are we??...

Me & my #1 bitch :)

Kel Kel

Oh... and it starts....
Ok maybe we ALL thought we were rock

Gone... yes, he was.

Bran & Dustin

Dustin, Brandy, and Kel

And heres the kareoking...

As, you can see... me (the singer) and my guitar

He was getting down!!

My drummer...

Watch out american idol!!

Josh playing the drums while someone is singing... he just would randomly go up on stage with other people and play the He REALLY thought he was At one point started trying to twirl the drumstick in his

Get down bad boy!

Yes, that is Josh making a fool of himself while that poor girl is singing her song. And she was one of those hard-core kareokers too... not just a drunk idiot like Im sure she didnt appreciate her obnoxious drummer. She was singing some really slow song about a broken heart and Josh stood up right in front of her on stage and started making the heart shape with his drum sticks... omg... i thought I was going to pee in my pants... and he doesnt remember a bit of

again, my rock

Friday, March 5, 2010