Thursday, February 4, 2010

Trade Days here I come!

I've decided to get a booth at trade days next weekend and see if some of this crap I make will sell. I've never seen a booth there with this kind of stuff nor do I know of any place around here that sells baby shower stuff like this so ... we'll see!lol... Here is some of the things i made to sell.
Daddys diaper duty device! Everything he needs to change a rotten one!lol--mask included!
Meet Molly-- isnt she adorable?..

You know I just HAD to make something zebra and

And the cutest pink and brown diaper cake ever....:)

Ok, ok.. heres one for the boys.... its camo (although you really cant tell in the pics)

Oh- and Im not done yet... more to come!
I really hope all this sells.... I dont know that many people that are pregnant~!