Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our little artist!

With me constantly painting something, Rilyn is always wanting to help so today I bought her her very 1st paint set and book, AND btw- she LOVES it! (I soooo scored some major mom points, Josh, you are going down!!! you AND your clubhouse in the woods!) ANYWAY.. She painted for about an hour lol...Our baby is a little genius!! You can see by the pictures below how she stays perfectly in the lines when she paints, its amazing... it must be her new glasses. Yep, she has glasses. Yesterday she had her 1st visit with the eye doctor, she did better than I expected... she actually like it. Anyway, she has to wear glasses now. Im surprised that girl could even walk around with how bad her eyes are, her glasses are like trifocals! Her other 4 senses must be super strong. I have to say, she does look adorable in her glasses though... dont ya think so?.. Shes really starting to resemble her aunt sarah bugs kid pictures now... must be the glasses, I think sarah wore the same ones..: D

I think sarah will kill me for that

♥ you Sarah! :)