Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A busy, busy weekend!

Lesson learned... never put your child's hair in sponge rollers.

Poor Rilyn...lol

Raigens casual valentine wear outfit!

Rilyns casual wear

Raigen in her valentine dress

With her sashes and trophy!

Rilyn with her trophy... she was so ready to go home....lol

Trade Days.
I booked a booth at trade days friday, saturday, and sunday. One word. Bullshit. Obviously people dont like to shop in the freezing cold. No one was at trade days,........ but me. Saturday my poor mom sat at the booth for me while we had the pageant. She froze...I feel bad. Seriously. She said she couldnt feel her toes,.. dont laugh.... luckily my dad came so she got to sit in the truck for a few minutes and thaw out..... man, I owe her. lol... THEN I find out from the other vendors that January and February are the slowest months at trade days. They said March is a good month, screw that. So I've listed everything on ebay, and so far its selling!

The pageant!
What a joke. 2 of the judges didnt show so the lady had her parents judging... 70 year olds judging, not good. lol... They made the poor kids stand on stage forEVER because they said they couldn't decide! I was like, damn just pick one!lol.. Raigen won princess and .....BEST HAIR. lol.. wtf.... best hair?..really?.. she has fuz, its not even real hair. AND to top it off the kid next to us was verging on a fro! And they pick the kid with no hair... lol.... Rilyn won 2nd runner up! So both my girlies did good... both came home with trophies!:)

Dont EVER put your kids hair in sponge rollers.....

I put rilyns hair in sponge rollers (see the first 2 pictures above!)lol the night before her pageant and took them out the next morning... horrible! She had a fro! actually it was like small fro patches! OMG, never again.