Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rilyn & Laney 02/28/2010

Sunday the girls and I went to the park and for ice cream... yep, that's all it took was the park and ice cream to bribe them to take a few pictures!lol..
Arnt they adorable?!..

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Our little artist!

With me constantly painting something, Rilyn is always wanting to help so today I bought her her very 1st paint set and book, AND btw- she LOVES it! (I soooo scored some major mom points, Josh, you are going down!!! you AND your clubhouse in the woods!) ANYWAY.. She painted for about an hour lol...Our baby is a little genius!! You can see by the pictures below how she stays perfectly in the lines when she paints, its amazing... it must be her new glasses. Yep, she has glasses. Yesterday she had her 1st visit with the eye doctor, she did better than I expected... she actually like it. Anyway, she has to wear glasses now. Im surprised that girl could even walk around with how bad her eyes are, her glasses are like trifocals! Her other 4 senses must be super strong. I have to say, she does look adorable in her glasses though... dont ya think so?.. Shes really starting to resemble her aunt sarah bugs kid pictures now... must be the glasses, I think sarah wore the same ones..: D

I think sarah will kill me for that

♥ you Sarah! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

More Crafting!

Ok, If you know me, you know that Im border-lined obsessed with the .99 cent store. (Ok Im really obsessed) Why, I have nooo idea. Maybe its because I feel like Im getting a good deal...idk. Anyway, I way shopping in the .99 cent store and spotted these cute bags that match PERFECTLY with Rilyns room! So I framed them! I found these old frames in my closet and I spray painted them black, already had the paint and frames so this cost me a whole $3! :) Turned out pretty cute!

All I have left todo is put a cute black ribbon on the bags to cover the holes!

2 years and 2 months!

I cant believe I have a 2 year old and a 2 month old! Its been 2 whole months since I was sliced and diced!... time flys... Dont my girls look adorable in their tutus?.. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A busy, busy weekend!

Lesson learned... never put your child's hair in sponge rollers.


Raigens casual valentine wear outfit!

Rilyns casual wear

Raigen in her valentine dress

With her sashes and trophy!

Rilyn with her trophy... she was so ready to go

Trade Days.
I booked a booth at trade days friday, saturday, and sunday. One word. Bullshit. Obviously people dont like to shop in the freezing cold. No one was at trade days,........ but me. Saturday my poor mom sat at the booth for me while we had the pageant. She froze...I feel bad. Seriously. She said she couldnt feel her toes,.. dont laugh.... luckily my dad came so she got to sit in the truck for a few minutes and thaw out..... man, I owe her. lol... THEN I find out from the other vendors that January and February are the slowest months at trade days. They said March is a good month, screw that. So I've listed everything on ebay, and so far its selling!

The pageant!
What a joke. 2 of the judges didnt show so the lady had her parents judging... 70 year olds judging, not good. lol... They made the poor kids stand on stage forEVER because they said they couldn't decide! I was like, damn just pick one!lol.. Raigen won princess and .....BEST HAIR. lol.. wtf.... best hair?..really?.. she has fuz, its not even real hair. AND to top it off the kid next to us was verging on a fro! And they pick the kid with no hair... lol.... Rilyn won 2nd runner up! So both my girlies did good... both came home with trophies!:)

Dont EVER put your kids hair in sponge rollers.....

I put rilyns hair in sponge rollers (see the first 2 pictures above!)lol the night before her pageant and took them out the next morning... horrible! She had a fro! actually it was like small fro patches! OMG, never again.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Houston, we have dress!

My Raigen bear has her 1st pageant Saturday and heres her dress! Unfortunately, there was no valentines material left at walmart sooo... I had to improvise! .... Dress, bow, and shoes.... we're ready to go!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Who has the cutest 2 year old!?!..I do!

Last night Josh decided to grill steaks for dinner.... he told me he was going to smoke them in his bbq pit. Rilyn said "No Daddy, don't moke! Dat nasty!" LOL She didn't understand that he wasn't going to smoke cigarettes... he was just cooking!

And after he was done cooking he made his plate and drink and sat it on the coffee table in the living room, then he went out side to check the rest of the steaks and came back in. Rilyn was standing in the living room and immediately she said... "I Sorry Daddy" ....He said "Sorry for what?"... She said " I was spittin in you drink."LOL He couldn't help but laugh.

Gosh.........I love this age. Shes so cute!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Somebody is a bit of a diva.....

Haha....Funny little Rilyn....

Today at lunch (luckily Josh and I were home) Mimi (my mom, she watches Rilyn) decided to go out on the porch and smoke... well Rilyn ran and slammed the door shut and LOCKED the dead bolt! I didn't even know she could reach it ... shes barely 2! Anyway... My mom starts banging on the door because we were alll the way in my room and Rilyn calmly yells ..." Whooooo issss it?? and my poor mom kept banging on the door saying "Rilyn Michelle, you better unlock this door!:)" ... and Rilyn would say...."Whooooo isssss it?.....

Too funny....

Trade Days here I come!

I've decided to get a booth at trade days next weekend and see if some of this crap I make will sell. I've never seen a booth there with this kind of stuff nor do I know of any place around here that sells baby shower stuff like this so ... we'll see!lol... Here is some of the things i made to sell.
Daddys diaper duty device! Everything he needs to change a rotten one!lol--mask included!
Meet Molly-- isnt she adorable?..

You know I just HAD to make something zebra and

And the cutest pink and brown diaper cake ever....:)

Ok, ok.. heres one for the boys.... its camo (although you really cant tell in the pics)

Oh- and Im not done yet... more to come!
I really hope all this sells.... I dont know that many people that are pregnant~!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Can you tell which is Rilyn and which is Raigen??...

For those of you who say they dont look alike.. here is a picture of Raigen and one of Rilyn at about the same age... whos, who?....
They look exactly alike to me....

Rilyn's 1st freestyle motocross show!

Robin won free tickets on the radio to Nuclear Cowboys Freestyle Motocross Show after many, many calls in by both her and Josh. lol... and Josh was SO excited! Robin gave Josh the tickets and Me, Josh, Rilyn, and Kiley went. We had a blast! I wasn't sure how Rilyn would react but she loved it! She didn't want to leave.. and of course her Daddy was ecstatic she liked it.. he swears she is going to be a motorcycle racer! ..... He said we are buying her a bike when shes 4 so she can start racing!lol....

um... i dont know about that....

Raigen's 1st smile on camera! 6wks

Raigen has been starting to smile on a regular basis... we've been assuming its just gas, nope its not gas its a real smile :) She loves it when we talk to cracks her up. And this morning I got my camera out to see if I could get her to smile for a picture and sure enough she did! Isn't she the cutest thing ever??.... ♥

Now I just have to figure out why my darn camera is so blurry!!!ugh.... piece of crap!