Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Meet Spunky, my diaper monkey! :)

I love making my own gifts for baby showers, heck, I like making other peoples gifts too!lol... anyway~ I received an invitation to a shower and thought... I'll make a diaper cake! Well... it turns out someone else thought that was a great idea too and had already made the mother-to-be one. So I really had to think.....She is doing the babies room in a jungle theme.. so why not make a diaper monkey :)
Isnt he so cute!?..
Everything on and in him is made from baby items. His body consist of diapers and a large bottle of baby wash, his head is diapers and wash cloths with socks as his ears. His hands and feet are socks too. And he is dressed in a cute outfit with a matching hat that says "my middle name is trouble"
So meet Spunky Trouble!