Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its re-decorating time! The girls bathroom!

Ok, so I got a wild hair again!!lol... Poor Josh, hes painted like every room in this house at least 2x! Hes a trooper, Ill tell ya that!Hes swore this is the last time hes painting for a while... yea, we'll see!:) I ♥ you boo-bear!

Anyway.. I decide to redo the girls bathroom. Its actually my guest bathroom but its right between the girls rooms SO I thought why not decorate it for them! It turned out soo cute! We still have touch ups to do, but I just had to take some pictures!!

I found the shower curtain at Target and we used the leftover paint from Rilyns room. The letters that say 'bath' I bought at hobby lobby and covered them in a gift bag (it matches the shower curtain PERFECT) And some paper and ribbon from hobby lobby... I painted the vanity a chocolaty brown and then used the left over paint and I painted the vine on the wall to match the shower curtain...

I painted a old vase lime green and I painted a cross i bought at a garage sale blue... oh and my favorite! THE picture frame! I painted and glued everything on it thanks to my junk craft drawer!lol... all that it needs is a picture of the girls now!!