Wednesday, January 6, 2010


TODAY I decided Rilyn will be potty trained. I refuse to spank her despite everyone saying that that is the only way shell learn. I decided to discipline her for pottying in her panties I take away her pacifier!! HA! Little monkey cried her self to sleep and hasnt wet her panties again! lol ... IDK.. maybe itll work. Hey, if not then shell be broke from her pacifier.. so its a win-win! I just hit me REALLY today.. this kid is too freakin big to be in diapers! Its a sign when they can pretty much change their own diaper!!LOL .. Its just so hard. I hate to see her cry. Hopefully she learns quick!LOL I just got this vision today of this gorgeous little kindergartner in DIAPERS!... So I ripped her diaper off and put panites on her. Shes only wet them once so far!YAY ...I mean, it has only been 10minutes.. but hey! Im staying positive!LOL(Im kidding) Actually, its been about an hour... I just wonder how tonight will go...uh oh!