Thursday, January 7, 2010

DAY 2!

Good news! Rilyn didn't wet the bed last night!! AND so far today she only has wet her panties once!! And its 1pm!! Shes peed in the potty 2 times already and a few minutes ago she ran to the potty and said I got to poop and she did!!! Im so proud, I could post a picture!! (dont worry I wont!)lol And to think, I was just about to give up!LOL Every time I make her sit in time out and cry ... I say to myself.. is she really ready?.. maybe shes not! I think this potty training is more difficult on me than her. And perhaps the hardest thing Ive ever done!!HONESTLY! I HATE to discipline her. Shes pretty much perfect so she really doesnt need (other than this potty training crap!) Yesterday every time shed pee in her panties shed say.."I sawry mommy.. I dont mean to.." How can you get on to her after that?!.. Shes really good at apologizing... and its waring me down! :(

She says the cutest things.. last night while she was sitting on the potty she'd say "You hear dat mommy?" I said "Are you peeing?"..Shed say "Yep!!" ( Id look and she was totally OH, and Id tell her "Rilyn, say pee pee where are you? ... come out.."And shed copy me and say it. Then she all the sudden said "Dats not working..."lol Today I told her "Im so proud of you for pooping on the potty!"She said... "Say yay mommy.. and cwap!"lol