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Valentines Day Pageant! ♥

BOTH my girlies will be in their 1st pageant TOGETHER! They will be in a Valentines Day pageant on Feb 13th! Raigen will be competing in 0-23 mths and Rilyn will be competing in 2-3 years age group. Ive ordered Rilyn a dress and ofcourse we cannot find a pageant dress to fit a 2mth old, so we are going to make it! So thats our next project!! Wish my babies luck... never mind, they dont need it! :)

Meet Spunky, my diaper monkey! :)

I love making my own gifts for baby showers, heck, I like making other peoples gifts too!lol... anyway~ I received an invitation to a shower and thought... I'll make a diaper cake! Well... it turns out someone else thought that was a great idea too and had already made the mother-to-be one. So I really had to think.....She is doing the babies room in a jungle theme.. so why not make a diaper monkey :) Isnt he so cute!?.. Everything on and in him is made from baby items. His body consist of diapers and a large bottle of baby wash, his head is diapers and wash cloths with socks as his ears. His hands and feet are socks too. And he is dressed in a cute outfit with a matching hat that says "my middle name is trouble" So meet Spunky Trouble!

Rilyn baked her 1st cake :)

Last night Rilyn baked her 1st cake for her Daddy... It was a chocolate molten cake! YUM! She loves to cook! Every night while I make dinner she pulls a chair to the counter and stands there 'helping' me. lol Mostly, she just plays with the microwave though. Its so fun to be able to do stuff like this with my big girl. I absolutely ♥ my 2 year old!

Raigen is 1 month old! 01/16/2010

Heres a picture of my sweetie pie on her 1 Mth birthday!! :)

Lunch at the park, just Mommy, Daddy, & Rilyn!

With all the attention Raigen has been gettting, its nice to take Rilyn and have some fun with just her. So today at lunch, Lubby kept Raigen (it was too windy for her anyway) and Josh and I took Rilyn to the park for a picnic and some fun!

My Sleeping Beauty ♥


Brooklynn and Bailey's Pictures...

I love taking pictures, I probably take more pictures of my kids than anyone I know. SO this weekend my older sister and her two kids were over.. and I just couldn't help but to steal some pictures of her kiddos! ..Man, I like playing photographer! :) This is fun! :-D

Its re-decorating time! The girls bathroom!

Ok, so I got a wild hair again!!lol... Poor Josh, hes painted like every room in this house at least 2x! Hes a trooper, Ill tell ya that!Hes swore this is the last time hes painting for a while... yea, we'll see!:) I ♥ you boo-bear!

Anyway.. I decide to redo the girls bathroom. Its actually my guest bathroom but its right between the girls rooms SO I thought why not decorate it for them! It turned out soo cute! We still have touch ups to do, but I just had to take some pictures!!

I found the shower curtain at Target and we used the leftover paint from Rilyns room. The letters that say 'bath' I bought at hobby lobby and covered them in a gift bag (it matches the shower curtain PERFECT) And some paper and ribbon from hobby lobby... I painted the vanity a chocolaty brown and then used the left over paint and I painted the vine on the wall to match the shower curtain...

I painted a old vase lime green and I painted a cross i bought at a garage sale blue... oh and my favorite! TH…

Raigen Elise ♥

Ok, so I was stuck at home all day today, BORED! So Raigen had her first mini photoshoot.

Guess who will be 4 weeks tomorrow?.. :)

Heres some pictures with her eyes open! I know yall were beginning to wonder if she EVER opens her eyes... well she does!lol and heres proof! ... ENJOY!

How cute is this! I ordered Raigen's car seat cover from ebay for $50 freakin dollars... and after I got it in I was looking at it and realized. I can make this! SO I made Rilyn a matching one for her car seat! How cute are my matching girls... You should of seen Ribears face.. she was SO happy! I don't know what they'd do with out a crafty mama!LOL... The good think is if they get it dirty .. you just slip it off an wash it!

OK, I'm sooo lying. Rilyn could care less...

Maybe whens shes older shell appreciate her wonderfully talented mama! :)


is going GREAT! OMG! She is completely potty trained! AND she hasn't even wet the bed at all!

I'm ecstatic!

DAY 2!

Good news! Rilyn didn't wet the bed last night!! AND so far today she only has wet her panties once!! And its 1pm!! Shes peed in the potty 2 times already and a few minutes ago she ran to the potty and said I got to poop and she did!!! Im so proud, I could post a picture!! (dont worry I wont!)lol And to think, I was just about to give up!LOL Every time I make her sit in time out and cry ... I say to myself.. is she really ready?.. maybe shes not! I think this potty training is more difficult on me than her. And perhaps the hardest thing Ive ever done!!HONESTLY! I HATE to discipline her. Shes pretty much perfect so she really doesnt need (other than this potty training crap!) Yesterday every time shed pee in her panties shed say.."I sawry mommy.. I dont mean to.." How can you get on to her after that?!.. Shes really good at apologizing... and its waring me down! :(

She says the cutest things.. last night while she was sitting on the potty she'd say "You h…


TODAY I decided Rilyn will be potty trained. I refuse to spank her despite everyone saying that that is the only way shell learn. I decided to discipline her for pottying in her panties I take away her pacifier!! HA! Little monkey cried her self to sleep and hasnt wet her panties again! lol ... IDK.. maybe itll work. Hey, if not then shell be broke from her pacifier.. so its a win-win! I just hit me REALLY today.. this kid is too freakin big to be in diapers! Its a sign when they can pretty much change their own diaper!!LOL .. Its just so hard. I hate to see her cry. Hopefully she learns quick!LOL I just got this vision today of this gorgeous little kindergartner in DIAPERS!... So I ripped her diaper off and put panites on her. Shes only wet them once so far!YAY ...I mean, it has only been 10minutes.. but hey! Im staying positive!LOL(Im kidding) Actually, its been about an hour... I just wonder how tonight will go...uh oh!

Daddy put Christmas up!

Yesterday Josh decided to take down the Christmas tree. AND as soon as he began Rilyn started crying and ran into my room. I said.."Whats wrong?" She said... "Daddy's mean!!" I said "Why?" She said 'because he make me cry" I said "What'd he do?" She said " Him make me SAD!" I said "What happened??" She said "DADDY PUT CHRISTMAS UP!!"

I started laughing and went in there with Josh... I said "If you think Im helping you take that tree down and break this babies heart, you're crazy!"

He said " Man, I feel like the Grinch!"

Poor baby... it was SO funny
Shes so cute.


We decided this year to spend a quiet night at home alone on New Years Eve... So we bought Rilyn some kiddy fireworks. I knew shed be scared of the sparklers. lol It was cute. She seemed excited at first... THEN Josh lit the darn sparkler and .... well you know the Road Runner from the Looney Tunes?.. That exactly what she looked like running from the darn It was hilarious!

This is right before she took off!!

She came back... but wouldn't go near the

Daddy-o holding the sparkler...

Our little scaredy cat!lol

Me and my sweetie!

Dang... no wonder why shes scared... look at that thing!

She wanted to light another one after Mommy helped her!

My two sweeties.... ♥

Snug in her seat while all the fireworks were going on.

She was pooped after all the fireworks! She fell asleep drawing...