Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Uh oh!

Last night, we were all sitting in the living room watching TV Josh said something to Rilyn... (dont remember what) THEN she said " You asshole.." Just as casual as she could. I looked at Josh, like... what'd she say?...He said " What'd you say?" She said "Asshole." He looked at me and said "Did you call me an asshole today, or somethin?" (because usually she only says bad words when shes repeating what she just heard. lol.... She answered him before I could and said " I DID!" We just laughed. ... she obviously didn't know it was a bad word. So then we explained to her that , that was a bad word and she cant say it. Shes really good about not cussing if she knows its a bad word. If she hears us say the 's' word.. she'll say " No no mommy, bad word. " And lately, she even spanks

So, we have learned that we HAVE to watch our mouth around this kiddo!


I have a list of ways to induce your labor.
This could get pretty interesting.....

#1 Eat spicy food
I went today and ate spicy Mexican food. (Pueblo) Doesn't seem to be working.... :(

Tune in for #2 tomorrow.....