Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Someone is excited about Santa coming!!

Today, my mom took Rilyn to Walmart and she saw an old white haired fat man and yelled "Santa Clause!!" My mom said he and his wife just cracked up laughing... shes so cute. And now she sings "Santa Clause is coming to town..."
I think this Christmas will be the best one ever. Its so cute to see her excited about Santa. I wish Christmas would come sooner darn it! Heck... if Christmas came sooner than Raigen would too. So HURRY UP CHRISTMAS. Today I went for my doctors appointment. This time he really did check and I'm not dilated. :( AND he still wants to do my c section on the 23rd! :( So Id just be getting out on Christmas DAY!!! I cant let that happen..... this baby has to come sooner.
Good news, since I'm having a c section I don't have to be checked EVERY TIME I go to the doctor. Just this one time. And now I start going every week. I just wish my water would break RIGHT NOW!LOL... Last night I finished Christmas shopping!! Yay! Now, I have a butt-load to wrap! SO now we're just killing time till this baby comes..... Is it really only December 1st?!....