Monday, December 14, 2009

Rilyn 2 years 2 months and 11 days...

Wondering why people call them 'terrible twos'?..

This is absolutely my FAVORITE age. She cracks me up. Her imagination is wild! ... I dont know, maybe I've just been blessed with a perfect kid (hey, it could happen! :))

Shes really into pretend play. She says 'You a baby.." So, then of course she has to feed me and sing me to sleep.... Its so hard to pretend you're a sleep with a huge smile on your face. :) And, believe me, YOU HAVE TO PRETEND. She knows!
I gave her a few unused makeup brushes that I didnt need and shes constantly putting makeup on me and Daddy-0. We'll say "How do I look?" She says..." Lika a pincess!":) Shes really smart, she'll make us do her makeup and she'll say "Now do my eye bows..."
Shes been watching mama!

She'll randomly walk up to us and say " I make you a present!" So cute. Then, she proceeds to take everything one, by one out of her purse.... (its our presents, that of course we cant keep... they go right back into that black hole she calls a Shes so sweet.

I asked her if shes going to feed Raigen her bottle for me and she immediately said "Yes!... and food too!"

Uh oh... I can just see her trying to force a chicken nugget in Raigens mouth.

She knows thank you and your welcome in spanish. Counts to 10 in spanish ... and can count to 15 in english. Knows all of her colors too! Her vocabulary awesome! .... maybe Im just one of those overy-proud moms... who knows!

I just loooove this girl.

Im so happy shes mine. :)

And soooo happy Im getting another one!