Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Rilyn's 1st time bowling!

Saturday was Bryce's 7th birthday at the Main Event in the woodlands. It was Rilyn's 1st time bowling and she LOVED it! She is in LOVE with soccer, and anytime she sees any ball, whether it be a soccer ball or golf ball, to her every ball is a soccer ball and you are suppose to kick it. So she'd walk up to the lane and put the ball on the ground and kick it. I said, what are you doing?... She said .. I a soccer player! It was cute. Me and Rachel helped her roll the ball down the lane the rest of the time. lol.

Picture Perfect!!

~My World.

This was her happy dance! She knocked one pin down!! YAY!

Ok. she was getting really tired of me takin her picture. This is her mad smile. :)

Mommy helping her bowl....

Rilyn and her soccer ball.

My sweet Laney!

Oh-so cute!

Love at first sight.


She said "Yoook Mama!"

Mommy and Princess

She loves her Laney... and her Laney lovesss her!

I let her play a shooting game... she wanted to shoot me though~lol

How cute .....

She loved to drive....

Woah, shes really trying to get the monster now!