Monday, November 23, 2009

Raigen is getting an eviction notice!

This bun is taking entirely too long in the oven! I've begged, and begged her to hurry up and get out here..... it seems she is suborn, just like her Daddy! My heart burn has gotten WORSE! I can barely sleep at night because it seems just as my pretty little head hits the pillow-BAM! Heartburn! I don't know how much more I can take of it! The pressure has is also unbearable. I feel like one sneeze and Ill pop a baby out! (Does that mean shes coming soon?) Everyone tells me shes dropped.... I just think its my fat Good news, I didnt gain any weight at my last doctors appointment! :) YAY! Because after this baby I starting a super-duper diet!! So, so far, Ive only gained 9 lbs! :) I go back to the doctor on the 2nd and then I start weekly doctor vistits.I've been ready up on how to induce my labor... not sure if Im brave enough to try anything.. but it sure is tempting! The doctor is still wanting to do my c-section on the 23rd! Which sucks because I would be getting out on Christmas day. So pray she comes sooner!! I cant wait to see Rilyns reaction to her! I think thats what Im most excited about :) I know shes going to be a good big sister.