Friday, November 6, 2009

OK now I'm starting to worry....

Up until recently this pregnancy has been EXACTLY like my pregnancy with Rilyn. Which is a great thing... especially since they said she is 'for sure' a girl. I wasn't expecting this one to be the same..i know they say every pregnancy is different but since it has been the same its made me more relaxed about it being a girl. But now Im starting to worry... what if it is a boy!?.. This baby is soooo much more active than Rilyn was. I mean, Rilyn was a kicker.. but dang, this one is a kick-boxer! SHE constantly kicks. I am beginning to wonder if I should get a second ultrasound... when I was pregnant with Rilyn and they told me she was a girl I then went to Peek-a-baby and paid $100 extra just to get a 2nd opinion. HOWEVER, Ive already had a shower and bought TONS more girl stuff so does it really matter at this point. I feel like if its going to happen to someone, it'll be And I don't think its helping when everyone says... "are you sure its a girl?"

"Hell yea I'm sure!"

I wish.

Gosh, I really hope they saw a girl in there and not a boy.