Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My crazy 2 year old! :)

Rilyn is EXTREMELY talkative!
She gets in these moods where she talks to everyone! We were checking out at walmart the other day and she looked at the cashier and said " I pegnet" The cashier kind of laughed and said "What'd she say?" I said "No Ribear, Mommy is pregnant." She put her hand on HER tummy and said "I pegnet too! You peel(feel) it?" It was so cute. Gosh, she is so darn cute. The other day we were playing catch with her big bouncy ball and I tossed it to her and it hit her stomach and she said "NONO Mama! Baby in dare!" She was holding her tummy! LOL... So I just apologized and laughed. We've tried to teach her that when she says or does something mean she has to appoligize. And she is picking it up VERY well! Yesterday I was cooking and of course she was right beside me and I accidentally bumped into her. She looked at me and said "Apologize Mama.. Apologize.." She says it real calm, like shes teaching me something. lol She also does this with sharing. She comes to work with me occasionally (only when Alisha begs me to bring her!) and she LOVES alisha btw- She'll grab alishas cell phone... and she says " I textin'!" its cute. Alisha lets her play with it all the time. I guess Rilyn thinks she needs to teach Alisha manners too though because she'll look at alisha and say "Share, Alisha, share..." Its funny. Shes gotten to where shes started on the hitting phase. If shes mad she slaps. So we're teaching her that thats not nice. Well the other night we were playing and she started hitting and i said "Rilyn thats not nice, dont spank mama!" So she started patting me... and said " I do dis?" I said "yes you can do that .." She said "Ok, I give you baby spankin, k?" She cracks us up. I wish she wouldn't get any bigger. Oh- I was changing her diaper the other day and I said, "Rilyn come here so I can change you" She said "I clean!" I said " Your lying" She said " No you liar! you liar" (I couldn't help but laugh THEN to top that... right when I started to say "No you are" She said "Loser, loser!" With her hand held up (trying to do an L shape with her fingers) I really almost peed in my pants because I was laughing so hard. She really knows how to catch me off guard! And my favorite is now shes gotten to where she likes to say if someone is a boy or girl. So while Im shopping in walmart she'll say girl and point or boy and point.... well occasionally she gets it wrong. Now, you try explaining to a 2 year old that shes wrong. It only makes it worse! How embarrassed was I!