Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I dont think I can take another day of being pregnant...

Put me on the chopping block and get this kid out!

The heartburn is unbearable. I feel like shes trying to come out my throat! Seriously.

And to think... I have 4 freakin' weeks to g0!

My next doctors appointment is the 2nd... I tried to tell him I was dilated at my last appointment... he said it was a little early and wouldn't even check and see!... Have you ever WANTED to be checked to see if you are dilated?! Yes,, its that bad. I want this kid out!

I cant even enjoy a meal anymore.... and if you know me, you know that's pretty much unreal. Seriously. Today for lunch I had 1/2 of a pot pie. Couldn't even finish it.... it was already making its way back out. Tonight for dinner.. had yummy spaghetti and garlic cheese bread... I downed that sh** in like 2 minutes to avoid a repeat of lunch.

Boy am I sooooorrrry now.

Its not that Im throwing up... its more painful and annoying because it just hangs out in my throat.. gargling... and burning like hell. Shoot, I wish I could throw up.

AND to top it all off Thanksgiving is this week. How will I enjoy my fat pregnant self when I cant pig out on all the food... (tear.)

Im pretty much miserable now.... this blog is about to get pretttttty boring. If you like listening to a fat, bitchy, pregnant woman. This is the blog for you :) ... if not. Please see : www.newbabyyoung.blogspot.com. Its a cute blog....she has yet to find out what shes got herself into....

P.S I pay top dolla for castor oil