Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Could this pregnancy take ANY longer?... Honestly, we should of kept it a secret... I think that made time fly. (As if I could if I really wanted to anyway... HAVE YOU SEEN ME?!) Why couldn't we have conceived in early March or late February?... It just had to be that wild birthday night!...(I'm kidding!) I feel like I'm beyond nesting... like I'm in FF mode. (Fast forward) I already want to put the tree up, and I'm surprised I haven't. Ive packed my hospital bag, done almost ALL my Christmas shopping... what else can I do?... I really feel that this baby will come sooner than later. I'm hoping like.... December 1st!!! Man, wouldn't that be nice! We are all getting super excited!!! Only 5 more weeks! I have been feeling very tired these last weeks. Even the grocery shopping wears me out. I get out of breath super easy too. I'm trying to get everything DONE by November. So hopefully this kid will be early!:) Rilyn is getting especially excited. She knows 'Raigen' but I'm not sure if she realizes shes a real person.lol... She understands that shes in my tummy. But I'm sure shes wondering why... and Im sure she'll be surprised when she realizes Raigen is a real person. We've been taking about her so long I'm beginning to think she thinks shes body part. lol... She said she has a Raigen in her tummy and Daddy does too....lol.