Monday, November 30, 2009


Usually on holidays we spend them split between my family and Josh's. We never choose one or the other... we just go to both! However, this year, my family went to Josh's moms house. (So much easier) We had LOTS of good food... I have to say my punch bowl cake was a big hit... (which we all knew it would be :) LOL) My mom made some awesome cornbread dressing... so of course she made us our own dish of it and brought it to our house AND my very own sweet potato pie! And I say MY very own because, I don't like to share it... its my fav! Rilyn is about the only one that is allowed I can eat that pie all day everyday! I'm embarrassed to post a picture of how much is left! And I'm the only one who ate any! lol... I hadn't gained anymore weight at my last doctors appointment but I'm sure that's changed! This week The Rices stayed at our house which was awesome. Rilyn LOOOOVES her cousins! Poor Rilyn, cried when they left... And do you believe this... Rachel was saying she LIKED cleaning... I couldn't get her out of my laundry! (I'm not complaining...) Shes so sweet. She even moped my floor! Do you know how long its been since IVE mopped?... So now shes my favorite sister-n-law.. its official. I'm just wondering what Sarah is going to do to try to top Rachel... She'd mentioned something about a new car... but I told her that's TOO much! So we'll see LOL :)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I dont think I can take another day of being pregnant...

Put me on the chopping block and get this kid out!

The heartburn is unbearable. I feel like shes trying to come out my throat! Seriously.

And to think... I have 4 freakin' weeks to g0!

My next doctors appointment is the 2nd... I tried to tell him I was dilated at my last appointment... he said it was a little early and wouldn't even check and see!... Have you ever WANTED to be checked to see if you are dilated?! Yes,, its that bad. I want this kid out!

I cant even enjoy a meal anymore.... and if you know me, you know that's pretty much unreal. Seriously. Today for lunch I had 1/2 of a pot pie. Couldn't even finish it.... it was already making its way back out. Tonight for dinner.. had yummy spaghetti and garlic cheese bread... I downed that sh** in like 2 minutes to avoid a repeat of lunch.

Boy am I sooooorrrry now.

Its not that Im throwing up... its more painful and annoying because it just hangs out in my throat.. gargling... and burning like hell. Shoot, I wish I could throw up.

AND to top it all off Thanksgiving is this week. How will I enjoy my fat pregnant self when I cant pig out on all the food... (tear.)

Im pretty much miserable now.... this blog is about to get pretttttty boring. If you like listening to a fat, bitchy, pregnant woman. This is the blog for you :) ... if not. Please see : Its a cute blog....she has yet to find out what shes got herself into....

P.S I pay top dolla for castor oil



Rilyn's 1st time bowling!

Saturday was Bryce's 7th birthday at the Main Event in the woodlands. It was Rilyn's 1st time bowling and she LOVED it! She is in LOVE with soccer, and anytime she sees any ball, whether it be a soccer ball or golf ball, to her every ball is a soccer ball and you are suppose to kick it. So she'd walk up to the lane and put the ball on the ground and kick it. I said, what are you doing?... She said .. I a soccer player! It was cute. Me and Rachel helped her roll the ball down the lane the rest of the time. lol.

Picture Perfect!!

~My World.

This was her happy dance! She knocked one pin down!! YAY!

Ok. she was getting really tired of me takin her picture. This is her mad smile. :)

Mommy helping her bowl....

Rilyn and her soccer ball.

My sweet Laney!

Oh-so cute!

Love at first sight.


She said "Yoook Mama!"

Mommy and Princess

She loves her Laney... and her Laney lovesss her!

I let her play a shooting game... she wanted to shoot me though~lol

How cute .....

She loved to drive....

Woah, shes really trying to get the monster now!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Raigen is getting an eviction notice!

This bun is taking entirely too long in the oven! I've begged, and begged her to hurry up and get out here..... it seems she is suborn, just like her Daddy! My heart burn has gotten WORSE! I can barely sleep at night because it seems just as my pretty little head hits the pillow-BAM! Heartburn! I don't know how much more I can take of it! The pressure has is also unbearable. I feel like one sneeze and Ill pop a baby out! (Does that mean shes coming soon?) Everyone tells me shes dropped.... I just think its my fat Good news, I didnt gain any weight at my last doctors appointment! :) YAY! Because after this baby I starting a super-duper diet!! So, so far, Ive only gained 9 lbs! :) I go back to the doctor on the 2nd and then I start weekly doctor vistits.I've been ready up on how to induce my labor... not sure if Im brave enough to try anything.. but it sure is tempting! The doctor is still wanting to do my c-section on the 23rd! Which sucks because I would be getting out on Christmas day. So pray she comes sooner!! I cant wait to see Rilyns reaction to her! I think thats what Im most excited about :) I know shes going to be a good big sister.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Could this pregnancy take ANY longer?... Honestly, we should of kept it a secret... I think that made time fly. (As if I could if I really wanted to anyway... HAVE YOU SEEN ME?!) Why couldn't we have conceived in early March or late February?... It just had to be that wild birthday night!...(I'm kidding!) I feel like I'm beyond nesting... like I'm in FF mode. (Fast forward) I already want to put the tree up, and I'm surprised I haven't. Ive packed my hospital bag, done almost ALL my Christmas shopping... what else can I do?... I really feel that this baby will come sooner than later. I'm hoping like.... December 1st!!! Man, wouldn't that be nice! We are all getting super excited!!! Only 5 more weeks! I have been feeling very tired these last weeks. Even the grocery shopping wears me out. I get out of breath super easy too. I'm trying to get everything DONE by November. So hopefully this kid will be early!:) Rilyn is getting especially excited. She knows 'Raigen' but I'm not sure if she realizes shes a real She understands that shes in my tummy. But I'm sure shes wondering why... and Im sure she'll be surprised when she realizes Raigen is a real person. We've been taking about her so long I'm beginning to think she thinks shes body part. lol... She said she has a Raigen in her tummy and Daddy does

Friday, November 6, 2009

OK now I'm starting to worry....

Up until recently this pregnancy has been EXACTLY like my pregnancy with Rilyn. Which is a great thing... especially since they said she is 'for sure' a girl. I wasn't expecting this one to be the same..i know they say every pregnancy is different but since it has been the same its made me more relaxed about it being a girl. But now Im starting to worry... what if it is a boy!?.. This baby is soooo much more active than Rilyn was. I mean, Rilyn was a kicker.. but dang, this one is a kick-boxer! SHE constantly kicks. I am beginning to wonder if I should get a second ultrasound... when I was pregnant with Rilyn and they told me she was a girl I then went to Peek-a-baby and paid $100 extra just to get a 2nd opinion. HOWEVER, Ive already had a shower and bought TONS more girl stuff so does it really matter at this point. I feel like if its going to happen to someone, it'll be And I don't think its helping when everyone says... "are you sure its a girl?"

"Hell yea I'm sure!"

I wish.

Gosh, I really hope they saw a girl in there and not a boy.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My crazy 2 year old! :)

Rilyn is EXTREMELY talkative!
She gets in these moods where she talks to everyone! We were checking out at walmart the other day and she looked at the cashier and said " I pegnet" The cashier kind of laughed and said "What'd she say?" I said "No Ribear, Mommy is pregnant." She put her hand on HER tummy and said "I pegnet too! You peel(feel) it?" It was so cute. Gosh, she is so darn cute. The other day we were playing catch with her big bouncy ball and I tossed it to her and it hit her stomach and she said "NONO Mama! Baby in dare!" She was holding her tummy! LOL... So I just apologized and laughed. We've tried to teach her that when she says or does something mean she has to appoligize. And she is picking it up VERY well! Yesterday I was cooking and of course she was right beside me and I accidentally bumped into her. She looked at me and said "Apologize Mama.. Apologize.." She says it real calm, like shes teaching me something. lol She also does this with sharing. She comes to work with me occasionally (only when Alisha begs me to bring her!) and she LOVES alisha btw- She'll grab alishas cell phone... and she says " I textin'!" its cute. Alisha lets her play with it all the time. I guess Rilyn thinks she needs to teach Alisha manners too though because she'll look at alisha and say "Share, Alisha, share..." Its funny. Shes gotten to where shes started on the hitting phase. If shes mad she slaps. So we're teaching her that thats not nice. Well the other night we were playing and she started hitting and i said "Rilyn thats not nice, dont spank mama!" So she started patting me... and said " I do dis?" I said "yes you can do that .." She said "Ok, I give you baby spankin, k?" She cracks us up. I wish she wouldn't get any bigger. Oh- I was changing her diaper the other day and I said, "Rilyn come here so I can change you" She said "I clean!" I said " Your lying" She said " No you liar! you liar" (I couldn't help but laugh THEN to top that... right when I started to say "No you are" She said "Loser, loser!" With her hand held up (trying to do an L shape with her fingers) I really almost peed in my pants because I was laughing so hard. She really knows how to catch me off guard! And my favorite is now shes gotten to where she likes to say if someone is a boy or girl. So while Im shopping in walmart she'll say girl and point or boy and point.... well occasionally she gets it wrong. Now, you try explaining to a 2 year old that shes wrong. It only makes it worse! How embarrassed was I!

7 Weeks left!

The glamorous pregnant life has vanished. My back aches daily, I'm pretty sure if I get any bigger I will explode, nausea is daily, I'm constantly exhausted, its starting to get cold and I have nothing that fits, oh- and did I mention the "Are you sure you're having a girl?..You look like you are carrying a boy " Comments have started?...

Gosh, I'd wish this baby GIRL would hurry and get here. :)

I'm now going to the doctor every two weeks. WOW, I just realized I have 7 weeks left!


We decided this year not to go trick or treating. Mostly because I didn't want to do a whole lot of walking... SO we decided to do the Trails for Treats in Onalaska. Rilyn had a blast! Every time we'd get in the car after going in a business she'd dig through her candy, like she was looking to see what new candy she'd gotten. She ate candy ALL day! Luckily she didn't get a belly ache! She'd say " Mommy, you open dis por me peas?... I TANT!" After trails for treat they drew names for prizes and guess what lucky kitty won a prize! She won a new kitchen! Laney and Kiley won prizes too! The only problem we had this Halloween was the masks! Rilyn was terrified of masks & face make up! Luckily there wasn't too many kids dressed up scary. It was so funny, she LOVED her tail... she especially loved shaking it!

Look at Kiley's hand!LOL