Monday, September 21, 2009

{The Shower}

So cute! made by Alisha and Leanna

Cute! Suckers! Made with a baby spoon and washcloth!

Josh's tool belt. It said Daddy's diaper duty device! So cute! My aunt made this. Its a tool belt with diapers, wipes, mask (lol) pacifiers, toy!

Up close

The cute favors. They are little baby shoes! with candy of course!

The suckers.

Looks like candy... its washcloths wrapped in tulle! SO cute!

Miss Raigen Elise's shower was Saturday! It was beautiful. I dont even know where to start. I didn't take hardly any pictures because I was too busy blabbing with everyone. (bummer) But it was super cute. Alisha and Leanna were the hostess' and they did a fabulous job. It was originally a 'come and go shower'... people came, but no one wanted to go!lol... ;D I should of known that was going to happen! (Especially with those Longs!:D) Raigen got some awesome gifts... shes already feelin' the love and shes not even here yet! And spoiled little Rilyn got some cute gifts too!lol... I think she thought it was her Oh- and we got lots of diapers too! (THANK YOU)