Monday, September 14, 2009

MORE pictures of Rilyn's room....

Dont worry these are the LAST

The 3 shelves to the left I bought at the .99 cent store! ...Painted those black and they came with a little white picture frame... I painted zebra stripes on those with a paint pen. The framed R... It was a gold mirror... I painted it black and cut up and hot glued a glittery-zebra gift bag to the mirror that I also bought at the .99 cent store then simply painted a store bought R pink and hot glued it to the center! Cute! I love shopping at .99 cent stores... you never know what you'll find.

Her dresser

Cute sign we found at Ross that matches perfect!

The most adorable lamp you've ever seen! I bought this lamp at a garage sale for $5. It was silver... I painted it black and wrapped the shade in feathers I bought for $2! Super cute!