Monday, September 14, 2009


Rilyn calls Spong-bob square pants BOB. Well this weekend, after she had been watching 'Bob' she was crawling on Daddy-o's back and he said..."Whos crawling on me?.." She said "Bob" He said "Well get off Bob" She said "Ok" lol... it was funny. Then we'd say "Whats your name?"...Shed say "Bob!".... We'd say "Come here Bob!" .... She'd say " I comin'!" It was so cute. It was cracking her up! She thinks its so funny when you call someone a different name. Like, a few weeks ago when Laney was down, Laney had asked my mom if she could be her grandma too, (Rilyn doesnt call my mom Grandma btw, she calls her Mimi) Well Rilyn heard laney and now she calls my mom Grandma! My mom will say "No Im mimi" and Rilyn just laughs and says "GRANDMA!" So sometimes she calls different people Grandma and she thinks its HILARIOUS! Shes just so darn cute.