Monday, September 21, 2009

{The Shower}

So cute! made by Alisha and Leanna

Cute! Suckers! Made with a baby spoon and washcloth!

Josh's tool belt. It said Daddy's diaper duty device! So cute! My aunt made this. Its a tool belt with diapers, wipes, mask (lol) pacifiers, toy!

Up close

The cute favors. They are little baby shoes! with candy of course!

The suckers.

Looks like candy... its washcloths wrapped in tulle! SO cute!

Miss Raigen Elise's shower was Saturday! It was beautiful. I dont even know where to start. I didn't take hardly any pictures because I was too busy blabbing with everyone. (bummer) But it was super cute. Alisha and Leanna were the hostess' and they did a fabulous job. It was originally a 'come and go shower'... people came, but no one wanted to go!lol... ;D I should of known that was going to happen! (Especially with those Longs!:D) Raigen got some awesome gifts... shes already feelin' the love and shes not even here yet! And spoiled little Rilyn got some cute gifts too!lol... I think she thought it was her Oh- and we got lots of diapers too! (THANK YOU)

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pink nails and pink carpet

My sweet darling child decided last night to paint her nails. She got the nail polish off of my dresser AND opened it while me and Josh were debating on what kind of ice cream we wanted. lol..Josh caught her in the act. It was so cute. We couldn't get mad. I really wanted to .... (because of my NEW carpet!!) But it was just too cute. He said "What are you doing?.." She said "I paintin'" We took the nail polish from her and she put her hands out and said "You blow it for me?" Gosh, shes so cute. I'll have to post a picture later.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Rilyn calls Spong-bob square pants BOB. Well this weekend, after she had been watching 'Bob' she was crawling on Daddy-o's back and he said..."Whos crawling on me?.." She said "Bob" He said "Well get off Bob" She said "Ok" lol... it was funny. Then we'd say "Whats your name?"...Shed say "Bob!".... We'd say "Come here Bob!" .... She'd say " I comin'!" It was so cute. It was cracking her up! She thinks its so funny when you call someone a different name. Like, a few weeks ago when Laney was down, Laney had asked my mom if she could be her grandma too, (Rilyn doesnt call my mom Grandma btw, she calls her Mimi) Well Rilyn heard laney and now she calls my mom Grandma! My mom will say "No Im mimi" and Rilyn just laughs and says "GRANDMA!" So sometimes she calls different people Grandma and she thinks its HILARIOUS! Shes just so darn cute.

MORE pictures of Rilyn's room....

Dont worry these are the LAST

The 3 shelves to the left I bought at the .99 cent store! ...Painted those black and they came with a little white picture frame... I painted zebra stripes on those with a paint pen. The framed R... It was a gold mirror... I painted it black and cut up and hot glued a glittery-zebra gift bag to the mirror that I also bought at the .99 cent store then simply painted a store bought R pink and hot glued it to the center! Cute! I love shopping at .99 cent stores... you never know what you'll find.

Her dresser

Cute sign we found at Ross that matches perfect!

The most adorable lamp you've ever seen! I bought this lamp at a garage sale for $5. It was silver... I painted it black and wrapped the shade in feathers I bought for $2! Super cute!

Karate Kid

Seriously I don't remember Rilyn kicking THIS much! This baby kicks non-stop! Seriously! I feel like this baby has A.D.D or something. I think this is going to be my WILD CHILD!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sneak peak #2 of Rilyns new BIG girl room...

No it is still not finished ... but its looking very cute!! Check these pictures of Rilyns BIG girl room!!

Rilyn's door...

Her bed....

Her canopy... you can hardly see it in the picture but theres a sequins 'R' on it...

Another picture of the bed

Her book shelves and that adorable pink chair!

Curtains my mom made... I found an adorable sheet set that is kind of the ' ED HARDY' type... its really cute.. Yes, I realize thats a little over her head.. but I figure she can grow into this room. Anyway- we made curtains and pillows out of that sheet set.. it was cheaper than just buying fabric. The sheet set was only $7!! And the cute fabric runs about $4 a yard...

Some cute pink pictures frames that have rhinestones on them... they match perfect! And I found them at the DOLLAR STORE!!

My guitar from high school... I never learned to play it so its just been setting in the And since some of the fabric we used has guitars on it... I thought it would go perfect in her room.. I painted the zebra stripes on it and added the glitter stars! Too cute!

Some picture frames I picked up again at the dollar store... all i did was recover the matte with the lefter over zebra paper I had.

And the same with this one

up close of the bedding... I didnt know at the time that the sheet set had skulls on it... however I dont really mind it... it kind of goes with the rock star

a cute zebra stool

Her name....

The bed

I found these adorable letters at hobby lobby... and thought it'd be a cute idea to do the ABC's on one wall above her chair rail since this is a toddlers room. They go perfect!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Rilyn is growing too, too fast.

My sweet Rilyn is getting so BIG! I can't believe next month she will be 2!! I swear we have the smartest kid in the whole world, (I'm a little biest She counts to 13! Its so cute. She loves number eleven...she says She knows all of her colors too. But I think what really amazes us is her vocabulary, and the fact that we cant talk about her anymore with out her knowing... she understands everything. Like, she was watching Dora... and something happen and of course she gasp and said "Oh no!".. Dora said something like "How are we going to catch him... " And Josh and I laughed and Josh said "Its funny she freaks out like she has never seen this before... like Oh- no how are they going to catch" She turned right around and told Josh " In a boat , and they catch him"... Well 2 seconds later, Dora finds a boat and catches him!...She is just so smart. And she has the most amazing manors of a kid I've ever seen. Every time someone sneezes shes the first to say " Bless you" She always says please and thank you! Its so cute and now she is into saying " I sorry" .. And when me and Josh argue...she says momma...nono! Daddyo nono! And it immediately makes us smile. And its like she really does realize that there is a baby in my belly. She'll randomly walk up to me and kiss my stomach and say "love you baby" She rubs my belly and says "baby night, night" And I'll say whats her name and she says "Raigen" I KNOW she is going to flip when she sees the new baby, she loves babies! I just cannot believe how BIG she is getting!! When we are in there working on her new room she'll come in and say "Mine?.. my room!" And we'll say "Yes" then she says , "Thank you , thank you!!" Its also cute, when she has ANYTHING with wording on it, especially if shes not suppose to have it, like the lotion! I'll say what are you doing?! ... She says "I weeding(reading) Mama! its funny. I think shes at the age where EVERYTHING cracks us up.... I love this age and I wish she wouldn't get any bigger...:( Is there anyway to make babies quit growing??...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Rilyn's ADORABLE Invitations!

Leanna's sister Darci is AWESOME! Check out the invite she made for Rilyn's birthday!! I just cant get over how cute it is! The first picture is the invitation the second is what we are having scanned on the cake.. cute, huh?!